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I won't bore you with the details of my life. I'll just cut to the story.

I have been working at an airport for the past year and last week had to take a test to allow me to cross runways if I needed to. This would involve speaking to the 'Tower'. I had to demonstrate that I was capable of doing this in front of a class of people whom I didn't know. I told the tutor that as I had a stammer there was no way I was going to sit there and try to talk in fornt of all these people I didn't know. she told me that my stammer could be a problem as she didn't want me "clogging up the airwaves". I was very angry to say the least. After the class had finished, I stayed behind and explained to her that I am required to speak to the Captain/First Officer using a headset/microphone every day and do not have any problems with it. She advised me to just write down what I needed to say to the 'Tower' and I would be okay. Some people are so naive.

I only sat the test so I could push aircraft back off the stand and probably won't ever need to contact the Tower anyway. It was simply the fact that she made me feel stupid. If it had been a male tutor, I don't think I could have contained my anger.

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i have stuttered also in my life, so you have my sympathy and empathy!<br />
in the past it was more pronounced, it still comes out when i feel i am communicating with ppl who 'judge' me (maybe in my head but we become/act in accordance to what we believe/think), so yes i get you. <br />
Take it easy on yourself, people are ignorant a***s , its unfortunately human nature unless they get to walk in anther's shoes or possess extraordinary compassion.