Hello, my name is Robert. I am currently 17 years of age. I've been stuttering probably since I was around 5 or 6. Never really thought of it as a problem until I got to middle school. That's when people really started mocking me for it. When I got to high school the stuttering sort of eased down a lot but it was still there, but no really noticed it or brought it up. I have basically nailed and winged all of my presentations I've had for the exception of a few. I have been in and out of speech therapy because I didn't see results. baseball is a big part of my life and I would say if it wasn't for baseball, my life would be in total ruins. Every stutter has an outlet that just keeps them going. baseball is mine. I plan on going to a division 1 college to play ball and to hopefully take my career on to higher lengths. I'm not repetitive stutter I'm more of the stutter that just blocks and doesn't know how to breath when talking. I feel as if I'm close to terminating this hazard that has been following me all my life. I'm too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it and it has taken a toll in my life in a few ways. Almost every girl in school finds me appealing and handsome but they think I'm shy, so that kind of stops me from taking initiative and being the guy. Though my stutter isn't severe It can be at times. Being a stutter is hard. It's the thing that's running through your mind all day. Recently I have induced a great amount of confidence and I have been using confidence with strategies to improve my speech. I now feel that the solution to stuttering is quite simple. You need to have the mentality that no body is a perfect speaker, and that bobbles are part of everyone's speech, and that bobbling is normal. I feel that this new approach is going to take a toll in my life. Sorry if this might seem a bit scattered but i wanted to get my main points in. Someone please talk to me
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Hi Robert, my name is Beth. I am a graduate student studying to become a speech-language pathologist. I am currently taking a fluency class, and I have experience working with children who stutter. I wanted to share something with you that really helped me to understand stuttering. Maybe you already see stuttering this way…but maybe not.

The cause of stuttering has been a mystery for a very long time. However, we do know that stuttering is biologic in nature. That means that people who stutter are born with the predisposition to stutter. But – people who stutter do not always have the same severity of stuttering, and they may not stutter consistently every day. This is because stuttering is exacerbated by other things going on in our lives. So...I’m going to use the analogy of a remote control car.

The remote signifies the brain, and the car signifies the speech.

The remote is in control of how the car drives. The remote must always put forth a lot of work to direct the car. But when there are other interfering signals going on at the same time (like the remote from another car, or the remote to the tv, or the remote to the radio) the original remote signal has to work EVEN harder to direct the car….. and sometimes the remote can still direct the car smoothly, but other times, the other signals are too strong and get in the way of the car, so the car BUMPS into furniture and objects in the room.

The other interfering signals represent things going on in your life, like a big baseball game, a huge exam in biology, a fun camping trip coming up, a birthday, fighting with a sibling, or asking a girl to hang out – really anything going on in your life (positive or negative). When these “interfering signals” occur your brain has to think EVEN HARDER to program the motor movements for speech--which causes the stutter. But then, when life slows down a bit, you seem to stutter less and less.

Anyway...I’m not sure if this makes sense, I can clarify if not. But what I am getting at is, you’re right. Nobody is perfect, we all bobble on our speech (and other things in life). Sometimes we bobble more often than other times. When things are crazy in life and you notice yourself “bobbling” more and more, think about what may be exacerbating the bobbles…and if you use any specific speech strategies, think about implementing them a little bit more, if they’re helpful. But, don’t be so hard on yourself. Stuttering is biological, just like your underlying athletic talent for baseball ☺ It’s just a part of who you are. It’s cool that you are so honest with yourself about it – be honest with others too! If people ask about it, just explain the biology behind it.

I think most people who stutter also suffer from anxiety. Might be hard to isolate which came first. Treating your anxiety will likely help your stutter. Best of luck :)

Thanks for the advice sapphire! Stuttering is actually very much a mind game. and I would say If I had anxiety it would be directly from the stuttering. Nothing else

Have you considered listening to music and talking? That seems to work for most cases. Also, some of the best people in history had a minor glitch in the system. Watch the kings speech, I think you'll be inspired. Well done for working through it like that though! It takes a lot of confidence and belief to do that!

Yeah like if just want talk with bobbles, but to wear it sounds natural, you know what I mean?

Yeah man, I say you accept it how it is and use it to your advantage. Not everyone has the balls to do that, but you seem more than capable my friend.

Like I'm going to be honest, it's not I'm accepting it. Accepting it would just be saying " **** it I'm going to stutter for the rest of my life get use to it" I'm just simply finding a new style of talking. And what I'm also perceiving it's going to do is give me more control on my speech so it me just be the underlying solution.

That's even better! But, just make sure you're doing it to make you happy and not just to sound 'normal' to other people.

Yeah man thanks! If you need to talk about anything just hit me up! I'm great with fullanthrapy!! However you spell it

I have a very bright and outgoing personality. But the stuttering hasn't been allowing to shine the way I want to. By sounding "normal" is the only way I'm going to make myself happy.

Ok, well, I wish you all the best and I'm glad to hear that you're doing it for you!

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