Rhonda's Reward

Rhonda was preparing for the arrival of Master. She had. Been to the focal salon & gotten her eyebrows waxed,a "braziian" bikini wax, had her long hair trimmed & styled. The Brazilian was quite painful but resulted in the most delicious sensitivity in her nether regions! She donned His favorite mesh body suit & a matching pair of 4" black heels. She waited on her knees, w/ her *** on her calves outside the the closed bedroom door for his arrival. Master arrived home after the end of a long day. He voiced his approval of her appearance & presentation. He ordered her to follow her into the bedroom on her knees to undress him using only her teeth. her teeth. He walked beside her & spanked her *** w/ a wooden paddle. She squealed w/ each time the paddle made contact w/ her ***. She dropped to her hands & knees & hurried as quickly as she could trying to escape the incessant strikes of the paddle. She realized that her ***** was quite wet in spite of her! When she m made it to the center of the room she was ordered to kneel up & begin undressing him. First was his belt which she pulled free using her teeth. All the while, he continued to paddle her &say "Faster cockwhore faster." She became frantic. She untied his boots & pulled them free as he his raised his heel to assist her efforts. After removal of his socks she kissed his feet repeatedly. All the while the paddling continued. She knelt up, grabbed his shirt in her teeth & pulled one side back causing it to unsnap. Master assisted & it fell back off of His shoulders onto the floor. Rhonda moved on to the removal of his pants. It was easy because it only required release of one button & the lowering the zipper. As the pants slid down his legs she began to nip & tease his semi erect ****. As a spot of precum began to form on his briefs he pulled her head back by her hair, freed his **** & shoved it into her mouth until she began to gag. He allowed her to withdraw so that she could work her mouth up & down his shaft. He enjoyed her oral efforts especially for all of the slurping sounds! He kept his hand on the back of her head & held her steady while he shot loads of *** down her throat. She licked her lips & waited for instructions. She was rewarded with much praise & caressing of her hair.
All @ once she was instructed to stand before him with her legs spread & eyes cast down. Rhonda obeyed at once! As she stood before him she was acutely aware of her painfully erect nipples & soaked *****. He walked full circle around her taking her in.  He paused to roll  her left nipple between his thumb & forefinger, As she whimpered softly, he sucked on her right nipple.  Of course he had to bite her nipple as he pulled on the other!  Rhonda allowed a moan of pleasure to escape her **** throat.  Master told her she was to remain quiet while he finished his inspection.  When He made it to her backside, he instructed her to bend forward & hold her buttocks open.  Oh this was the worst! Why  did he have to inspect her *******? But she did not dare hesitate! She hated to disappoint Daddy. He noticed while he was inspecting her tight hole that her ***** was visibly wet. Very good! He spit on his finger & inserted it in her ***. He made  circles with his finger to prepare her before he inserted a second spit covered finger into her tight hole.  "You're a good **** Rhonda" She smiled to herself, she had pleased him! He pushed her down onto the bed & secured her hands over her head to a hook in the wall. Master grabbed a candle from the bedside table & dripped wax onto her nipples, abdomen, **** & ***** lips. She began to writhe on the bed as she struggled not to make a sound. Rhonda did so love the feeling of the the hot wax on her skin.  Master caressed her abdomen with the lightest touch. He tisk tisked her and said "You poor **** ****!  You never can get enough, can you my little **** *****? & chuckled to himself.  He spread  her thighs & inserted two fingers, reminding her to keep her **** mouth   closed. She nodded in response to his instructions.  She began to buck her hips with her pleasure.  He continued to work his manual magic as her *** began to lift  off the bed & **** his fingers. After she climaxed twice he decided to give her what she really wanted, His FAT ****! He positioned himself between her legs & shoved his **** into her dripping *****. Rhonda couldn't resist any longer! She screamed "Oh Thank you, Sir! **** my **** *****! OMG!!"  She came  so many times that it began to run down balls. He climaxed as he felt her ***** begin to clench again milking his **** dry. "  As they lay  there catching their breath, he told her "I'm going to take my prize  & you will not say a word. I'm going to assist you." He produced a ball gag & showed it to her.  Rhonda's eyes widened. At once she answered, " Yes, Master. Thank you for helping me keep my **** mouth closed."  Immediately he began placing the ball in her mouth & securing it. He untied her hands & rolled her onto her stomach.  her hips were propped on a pillow, lubrication applied to her *** hole & a finger inserted.  The finger circled inside her tight *** for a minute before a second was inserted. Rhonda moaned but could not say a word! He withdrew his fingers & inserted his ****.  He applied more lube as his **** continued to slam in & out of her ***. She moaned & pushed back into his thrusts. Behind the gag she was saying "OMG,Oh yeah **** my **** ***! but of course it was unintelligible . " As he pumped away he told her "This is my *** ****, it belongs to me alone!"  Rhonda pushed back as she nodded in agreement. He pulled her head back using her hair wrapped around his hand as he spilled himself inside her ***. After the ball gag was removed & she had something to drink she lay across his chest.  She gazed up into his face & told him "I am fully yours Sir. You own all of me. I'm your 3-hole ****. " Mater smiled as he placed his fingers under her chin & lifted it. "That's write my little **** *****." They locked in a deep French kiss before falling off to sleep.
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hot story, you are a good ****.


And I own it! Mine to take as I please!

it seems you are getting used to it, now! that's good...of course, you having your hole already prepared might be nice too! no asking, no telling...just taking it! sliding in as i wish..when i wish...ummmm........good girl, **** *****!