Morning After

I woke early the following morning, my morning erection straining against the confines of the chastity tube, so stupidly horny, praying that I get a release soon. I lay there, next to my beautiful, sexy, dominant wife, who had been out with the girls the night before, and who came home drunk and horny. What would her story be, would she have been naughty enough to get me a release.
Finally, about 10:30 she started to stir, so I rushed down stairs and made her some coffee, then brought it back up to her. She smiled and thanked me, then asked me if I'd been thinking about what she might have done last night. I told her that I couldn't think about anything else, and begged her to tell me all the details. She just smiled, and said I would have to wait for when the other girls come round in the evening, but to keep me busy, I could get my tongue between her legs again.
This time she wanted it slow and gentle, and she kept me at it for over an hour, while she drank coffee, read her book, and also just relaxed and enjoyed the sensations. She also came 3 times, I can't believe how much this woman can ***.
Eventually, she tired of the game and told me to get on with my chores. I asked whether I could shower first, but she said no, I could shower just before the girls arrive. So with my face covered in ***** juice, which was rapidly drying and going cold on my cheeks and nose and chin, I started to attack my list of cleaning, washing, drying, ironing, then late afternoon I started preparing the snacks and nibbles for the girls.
My Goddess had a long soak in a scented bath, which I prepared for her, then called me to dry her, then peed into the loo and had me lick her clean, then put on a robe and watched tv for hours. She watches all the gossip about celebrities. Every half hour or so, she called me and demanded something, coffee, her wrap, a foot rub, on one occassion she had me drop my trousers and underwear so she could hold and fondle my balls, which drove me mad with frustration, then she blew me a little kiss and thumped my balls so hard I screamed and fell to the floor in agony. She nearly fell off the chair laughing.
At 6pm she called me to help her dress for the evening, then told me to shower and present myself clean and naked in the hall. At 6:20 I was standing in the hall, and she told me to stand and wait for the girls. I had no idea when they were to arrive. I hoped it would be soon, but also hoped they would never arrive, I was so frightened of them.
At about five past seven the door knocker sounded. My mistrees called for me to open the door and let her friends in. As each one walked past me they grabbed my balls and gave a sharp squeeze, just to remind me of their power over me. I would soon find out my fate.....
krsoundman krsoundman
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1 Response Apr 19, 2012 you're a very lucky man! I'm sure you know that. My GF is somewhat Dominant and would be heaven if she'd take charge like your's. thanks for sharing.