Loving Submissive Husband

I recently sat down told my wife that I have longed to be her submissive husband. I am willing to do anything for her. I am recently retired and have been doing all the house work and chores. I offer her back rubs and leg massages. I even talk to her about improving her wardrobe. That she should dress to feel sexier and more confident in her self.

She has been some what reluctant in accepting being dominant. She is what I have read a vanilla wife in learning to be dominant. She does express some guilt in being more forceful in any activities we have.

I expressed that I don't want her to feel that way. That what she demands I will do with love in my heart. Sometimes I think she feels like she has to do something to me to be the dominant wife.

I get the feeling she doesn't know what to do. We have read "The Sexually Dominant Wife" and found it good for beginners. She seems to be stuck at this point and not sure of her place as a dominant wife.

Would appreciate any response for us continue from this time.

thom49gre thom49gre
66-70, M
1 Response Apr 2, 2013

My wife enjoys the control of the key and how often it gets used witch it dose often, it has taken some time but she don't feel gutty as much if I don't get to c-m. She is not a Dom but she is incharge of her c-ck.