My Most Submissive Moments So Far

As I am getting ready for this coming Sunday which is my next date with Daddy I was remembering how far we have come since we first became Daddy and kitten just about 14 months ago. Im sure we still have much to learn and plenty of room to grow but I was thinking of how I have enjoyed learning and trying things and doing what I can to be a good submissive. I was remembering our last date which was when we decided to try anal for the first time. Daddy says that to him anal is one of the most submissive gifts a sub can give to their Dom because its truly an act which requires a sub to give control of themselves and their body to their Dom completely trusting him to do what is best for both of you. I remember before I really took the plunge into this lifestyle and had met Daddy being somewhat uptight when it came to sex. I never thought I'd ever try anal much less try to like it. But even though Daddy said it was something he had enjoyed in the past that it wasnt high on his list of things we had to do but as we had done more things together and grew our D/s relationship the things that I could do to show my submission became fewer. He is my first Dom and hopefully only. He gave me my first real spanking and I have come to enjoy those very much. These were followed eventually by my first punishment spanking which are experiences I strive not to repeat. Disappointing Daddy and knowing he is upset is worse than the punishment spankings although they themselves suck as well. But I am always learning how to please him and he is always helping me and guiding me. So when I make mistakes and he gives punishment I know that it is because he wants me to learn and do better so I can be proud of myself and who I am as a sub as well as have him proud to own me.

So it came time that we both had become more interested in trying the anal. Im not gonna lie I was very nervous but Daddy is always so calm and reassuring and he had experience so he knew what he was doing. He had gotten us a set of anal toys and he started with the small and worked is way up to the largest one. Everytime it hurt he would talk to me calmly and tell me to relax and eventually it wasnt that bad so we tried real anal not the toys. When he slid inside me I could feel him and I knew this was something he really appreciated me giving to him. It was short as he didnt want to hurt me or make it too long for my first time. After we made love and I felt so much closer to him. I love knowing he is happy with my willingness to try anything for him and that he really knows how nervous I was and took such great love and care of me throughout the process.

So now I am looking forward to this date. We have already discussed that we will try the anal again and hopefully longer as our new goal is doing anal sex long enough for him to *** from doing so. When we reach that goal I know I will again feel that pride of knowing I have served him well and that he is happy whether it is this time or not. But overall I am happy with how well our relationsip is going and with each new lesson or goal that is learnd or reached.
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I am a completely new sub and I know my master really enjoys anal. I was hesitant at first, I have never had anal before, but after reading your story some of that fear went away.I know I wouldn't want nothing more than being able to one day give myself over fully. Thanks so much :)

u r simply adorable - love this story

i am a male subby to master Isay
your a lucky girl to have daddy
please him when you can
my first dominant gave me away when he tired of me
nd he gave me to a group

i hope i become as good at submission as you have