First Time

i was getting older
never experienced m4m sex
was reading cl
found a man 50 miles away
he wanted a sexual slave
it did intrique me
so i set a date and time
gt in my car and drove the thruway from buffalo to almost rochester
the furthr i drove
the more i wondered if i would go thru with it
i was approaching his street
i felt the rising of excitment in my shorts

i turned into his street
neared his house
turned into his driveway
knowing now i will do what he wants
without question
so i exited my car and rang the side door bell as he instructed in e mails
the door opened and he stood there with a sneer on his face
he asked me in and directed me to basement
i walked down the flight of stairs
he directed me to sit on a love seat on one side of playroom
i of coarse obeyed
it was to late not to
he stood befoe me
hooked his sweat pants with his thumbs
and pushed them down
and for the first time
i had a magnificent **** about 6 inchs in front of my face
he then placed both hands on my head
and pulled me to him
my mouth automaticly opened
and for the first time i had a **** in my mouth
he had some lines in his hand
and as he skull ****** me he ordered me to place each loop on both wrist
he then told me to kneel
i slidoff love seat with his **** still in mouth
he then ordered the other loops in lines to be put on ankles
i did so
and he ordered me to pull lines with wrists so they would tighten
he told me i was the first **** to be hobbled in his home
he proceeded to finish his skull ******
and i tasted my first man ***
was there going to be more??
hell yes
he was only starting
gummybearbobbi gummybearbobbi
70+, M
Apr 8, 2012