Looking Back

As i sit here waiting for mistress Judy
my mind returns to my start as a submissive
it started with a ride to Greece ny,to met master Isayuobey
i learned that day t be a submissive
and since then i have learned to be slavei I have served men foremost
been oral and anal server
master Isay shared me with other men
and i learned that an audience is not always bad
i have been used very hard at times
sometimes i thought i would not ever return to a master
but i always seemed to anyway
possably the worst day of service was the day i was given to a rotti dog
he was a black monster
and weighed 165 lbs
and as i found later he was huge in all ways
and was measured at 10 inchs of penis when unsheathed
and all of it went into my *** that day
then he knotted
and not only was he 10 '' long
when knotted he was 5 '' wide
when he went into my ***
he was there until nature allowed him to shrink to normal size
he did like me tho
if anyone tried to get nasty with me when he was around a low growl settled it fast
i was his *****,and he kept me safe when he was with me
and the first week i was given to him he was always at my side
and of coarse i was to be available to him as *****
my hemeroids were worn away
totally gone after that week
prep H was never as effective as brutus the rotty
part 1
mistress Judy walked in like the queen she was
udy wasnt the classic american beauty
she was about 5'4''a little overweight according to fashon
probably 140 lbs or so
just enough breast and dimpled *** to keep me excited
this time she pointed to a recliner
and a alid it forward for her
her feet dangled ff ground
so i naturally bent and kissed her arch
knowing she enjoyed that
she wiggled her foot about and inserted her big toe into my l;ips
i pretended it was her hubby gordons penis
and sucked and bobbed on it
happy i was she smiled at my action
her feet seperated  on the foot stool
and she daid higher
so i started licking up her calfs
in and out
then her knees
she kinda sighed
and allowed her legs to parti licked higher
making her thighs damp from my mouth
i wasnt sure what was expected of me so when i licked into her puss
i had undone my belt and zipper
i licked up into her ****
then higher
iwas licking her navel as i was starting to raise my body up on hers
my mouth then went to her nipples
and they grew hard inn my mouth
shaped like mushrooms
i nipped one with my teeth
and slid higher
licking up her neck
i slid higher and felt my erect penis touch her puss
my mouth then went on her mouth as my penis drove into her *****
it was turning into a wonderfull day
as i stroked deeper and deeper
i lifted my head so i could look into judys eyes
they widened as i drove deeper and harder
i could feel my seed rising fast
and tried to slow down
but her legs wrapped around me
and she whispered now bytchi felt her shudder as i released my *** into her
by that time i was already collapsing on her
my mouth back on her nipples
and my penis shooting deeper than i hoped to
i licked her forhead
then her nose
then i kissed her lips
and she unwrapped her legs
i said a simple thank you Judy
she smiled and said stay that good bytch and we can enjoy each other more
end of part 1
gummybearbobbi gummybearbobbi
70+, M
Nov 14, 2012