My Husband Is My Maid...

My husband is my maid and I wouldn't have it any other way. He is training to be my 50's wife. I like a clean well maintained and charming home for all to see. She is expected to run our house just like a 50's TV mom would. As many of you now, this is something that takes training and discipline to accomplish.
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I appreciate you sharing with us your domestic relationship. I think that you have the relative status and role of a husband well understood. I strongly advocate males accepting a subservient and supportive role. It is best when we husbands are truly relegated to the status and role of "maid".

my wife has me as her sissy sub maid also<br />
she has me in panties has my **** lock in chasttiy<br />
i must keep house clean all times weekend is my busy time doing wash an washing floors<br />
house is not clean i will be punished<br />
sex only sex i have is performing oral on her

good going .. am happy to c women getting more n more dominannt ..

Lock him in permanent chastity, cuckold him and lock him in stiletto heels and a nice tight lace up corset so you can show him off to your Bull when he comes over.

"She is expected to run our house just like a 50's TV mom would. As many of you now, this is something that takes training and discipline to accomplish."<br />
<br />
Oh, yes, it is not easy being a woman of the '50'2. No wonder so many rebelled! But, they had it easy, compared to the 50's woman today. They had training - from their mom's and their girlfriend's and, well, tv. To be a tv mom today means, pretty much, for way too many, to do it alone. It is difficult doing something alone. To be disciplined is right, it is necessary, because there is not the community to tell us how to do it. We must be taught, and reminded.

yes it feels very good ,i am also househusband and doing all type of work including washing ,cooking,cleaning home,preparing food for my wife,in the night doing full body message for 2 hrs and sleep under my boss feet,during night she always kick me ,but it is one type of pleasure i feel.In the morning when she goes for toilet,i always wait outside toilet door for her ,and after her toilet finishes i wash her feet and hands and flush commode every day after her toilet,this is my routine work,i am just servant of her but still she beats me everyday,pl. let me know what to do to please her. my name is VIKY PRIYA(I USE HER NAME ALWAYS)

Yes discipline is necessary with men. Is not Poulettesoumise!

Seems we have a similar dress code in our marriages, Clementine ! And I will be so happy to follow your example, being my husband-wife´s full time cute and obedient housewife, in the near future.<br />
Yes, we are wives like in the 50s, happy to embrace our traditional feminine role. And we can be proud of our women who will lead us.

What a wonderful role reversed lifestyle, Queen Sabrina ! That is like things must be. I love it when females are taking over to lead us, and I am sure the future is female anyway; so sooner or later men will be what women have been in the 50s. I cannot wait we´ll get it.<br />
Your hubby must be so happy to be your wife in the marriage. Continue the good work ! <br />
I am married to a dominant wife who is wearing the pants, keeping me in skirts and dresses full time at home (and sometimes when we go out). And I will be so happy to be her obedient housewife at home when retiring from work in the near future.<br />
Submissive curtsey, Monika

You have such a lucky husband! He is where I would like to be with my wife. Grateful for any tips you can give me.

I am a strong exponent of males having the duty and obligation to perform domestic duties for the Superior Female. I enjoy the 50's ideal, but only if it is the male who must labour to make sure all is in order for the Head of Household. I also believe it is helpful if the male is properly uniformed and strictly disciplined.

Your husband is a VERY lucky girl! I certainly hope that she realizes how fortunate she is to have a Woman like You be interested enough in her feminization and training to take all the time and effort to turn her into an obedient, well-trained, and useful wife and maid. Curtsy, sissy jennifer

I'm exactly same way a 50's styled dressed housewife,but she makes me wear 50's style suits most of the time when doing my daily house chores