There Are Times I Feel Closer To My Tih/ Dd Friends On Ep Than Most Of My Other Friends In "real Life"

To the girls: I've never "met" you. We've never hung out. You haven't seen my face. We are strangers in real life, but friends in a virtual one. Thanks for allowing me to be me and accepting me for it. Thanks for sharing your stories. Thanks for sympathizing in my @ss's plight (Lol). Here's to many more stories, laughs, and the invaluable knowledge gained from shared experiences. Thanks for the courage you demonstrate in being you.

To the HoHs: Thanks for the encouragement, the praise, the scoldings, the protection, for cherishing us. In short, loving us the way we NEED to be loved :)
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7 Responses May 12, 2012

Dont try to hide your relationship. I quit hiding it from friends. I got tired of the isolation. Know what? They asked alot of questions and most of them wanted the same tih that I have!!

I agree and this circle here on EP is such a great help when it comes to remind and reinforce my attempt of submitting. Each night before I go to bed, and each morning, while I'm still in bed, I switch on my laptop and read a few posts or stories and instantly I'm in obedient mode. My brain is programmed, my spirits are high and my body is aching to please my husband. Without your help out there, it would be a lonely journey!

That's funny, it's usually a completely different kind of 'laptop' situation that reinforces 'obedient mode!' ha ha ha

OMG...Thats sooo funny!!!!! Thanks I needed that!

Thank you for the post Sophia, you took the words right out of my mouth. I am so grateful for EP and all the wonderful people I've found here and like so many others have said, I think I'd be pretty lonely otherwise. And Roberta, I think you're right, it would be so neat if we could all meet up and have a big party. lol I think we'd all have a blast! :-)

I know exactly what you mean, I wish we could all meet up and have a girls night in.. Ann Summers party and a few glasses of wine, compare spanked butts lol. I love all my TiH ladies :o)

Anything you want or anything you need that can be done in the virtual world for you, this one is here and this ones message box is open for you anytime. this one may not be married but she can relate to many things and has lived a busy and full life and is very supportive of this lifestyle choice as well as many others as she can relate/understand.

My thoughts exactly. Im so grateful to know there are other ladies who live like I do.<br />

Yeah, it's great to share thoughts and opinions here, isn't it? I live in a different culture, I speak another language in my daily life. I love to read and post here. It's like a travel through my own mind.<br />
Thanks for your posting Sophia :-)