What Would My Punishment Have Been

I posted my story about the spanking I received last night from my husband. It was well deserved but I have been feeling a little sorry for myself and my sore behind today.

I was simply curious about what mu punishment might have been if I lived in another household>

To cut a long story short, On Friday night we had a delivery of champagne for a party we were throwing at home on Saturday. Thursday was my birthday! My friend Sophie came over with her kids after the school run. It was an unplanned, spontaneous social. We popped a bottle at about 5pm. We got a little over enthusiastic and by 5.45 were well into our second bottle!

at 6pm my friend came over to pick up my eldest son for Cub Scouts. In my excitement I had completely forgotten about cubs. He wasn't ready and had to go without uniform!
Worse, It was my turn to pick the boys up and drop them home again at 7.30 but by this time I was way over the limit.

I knew I was in trouble but we were so giggly on all the champagne! We decided to hide the empty in the bottom of the recycling bin and pretend we'd just started.

Meantime I briefly flirted with the idea of drinking coffee and getting the boys as planned. Bad decision my judgement impaired by alcohol! We did come to our senses and called Sophie's husband who found the whole thing quite funny. He agreed to pick up my son and the other boys and drop them home even though his kids don't even go to cub scouts! What a hero, although he is not strict like my husband,

My husband came home at 6.30. I think it must have been obvious we had had a lot more to drink than half a bottle, because he seemed to find the hidden empty within moments. Then he got really furious! He realised that I had contemplated driving drunk, with kids in the car! It didn't seem to matter that I'd come to my senses and abandoned the idea, he was outraged it had even entered my head, not to mention the fact that Sophie and I were more than a little tipsy in charge of 5 children.

Because I was in no state to be effectively disciplined on Friday night and because of the party on Saturday, apart from grounding me there and then, he did not finally punish me until last night.

I got a very hard, over the knee hand spanking followed by corner time for drinking all that champagne and trying to deceive him as to how much we'd drunk, then corner time.

While I was grounded and preparing the house for the party on Saturday, he went out and acquired a new paddle, a large one like the ones they use in U.S. schools in the movies. After corner time he produced this paddle (I usually get a OTK hand spanking, sometimes a spanking with a leather slipper or hairbrush, once a wooden spoon and twice he has spanked me with a small, table tennis bat sized rubber wood paddle.

I dread the paddle and the threat of it never fails to make me behave). My husband said it was his job to make sure the idea of drunk driving never entered my head again even for a moment, hence the acquisition of the fierce looking paddle.

He made me kneel up on our bed, leaning against the tall foot rest with by bottom sticking out. He delivered 23 hard swats to my already blushing behind. I cried and cried as I counted repeating "I will not drink and drive" after each count. By the end it was hard to catch my breath let alone get the words out!

I am petite, 5ft 2 inches. My husband is a fit and strong man of 6ft 4. This was the most severe spanking I have ever suffered and I now truly understand the phrase "you won't be able to sit down for a week!

I did deserve this punishment and I am grateful for it, but am curious as to what would have been the punishment in other households, as having looked on the net this weekend it seems that for some, my punishment would seem light. for others maybe not so.

Let me kno what you'd have done or received for similar bad behaviour
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I've never been into spankings, other more subtle punishments are more fun. One of my favourites is not letting her go to the bathroom until I say so. The best bit is the uncertainty; will she be able to hold on? How long will I make her hold it for? This would have been an ideal punishment, especially after all that champagne!!

Well those 23 swats were good for something.But i felt quite bad when he delivered it

Sounds like you got about the right amount of punishment. But, I would not have waited to Sunday. It would have been Saturday morning. Maybe a bit hung over, and so you could go through your party with a very sore behind.

I think he would have liked to, but we have 3 young children and they get up early. It just couldn't happen until they weren't around. I think I enjoyed the party more with by behind intact, but I could tell he was frustrated! thanks for commenting x

I probably would have gotten something along those lines.

Thanks for that. I think it was fair, but I'm not sitting comfortably!

While I have not pushed that particular line I can assure you my husband would also make certain I would not be sitting down comfortably for the next week. Clearly your husband loves you a great deal to go to such effort to drive home the point.
Happy Birthday dear, I hope next year you get a "good girl spanking" ~grin
Hugs Jenna

Thanks for the kind thoughts... I'm hoping to avoid a spanking for a while! I don't think my bottom will take it. Don't quite have the courage to get rid of the new paddle though. X

Grin ~ I have read stories of ladies who have tried hiding or getting rid of implements...trust me Not a good move

I don't think it would go down well. I've been married long enough to have worked that one out! You gotta love him though. I do xxx