Waiting For A Spanking Today

My daddy Jack is going to help me today by reminding me what a good submissive wife is.
I feel a need to be put on track again - and I know he feels that way too.
I know I'm in for a whooper of a spanking with 2 paddles -
but that's fine with me.
Today I will thank him for disciplining me - just so he knows that he is in charge and I want him to feel my obedience and respect.
Jack's "devoted" Jill
JackAndJillDD JackAndJillDD
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Sounds like u have a healthy realstionship

The best! Domestic Discipline is very healthy for a good, and sound relationship.
He's in charge, as it should be!!

Yes I agree :)

I am quite sure you felt much better after you have were disciplined. I spank my wife with paddles only for really quite serious behavior issues. It is always extremely effective. I am also glad you understand the importance of thanking your Hoh. It is something my wife only recently learned from another submissive wife of EP. It is a responsibility becoming HoH and one that should not be underestimated. gratitude is always most welcome.

Mr. Jameshoh

You are so right!
My wonderful HoH got me back on track again!
I sometimes lose sight of my goal to be a good submissive wife and he helps me so much and I always thank him for disciplining me.
I have so much respect for all the responsibilities men have and wouldn't dream of underestimating them.
I agree, gratitude is so important and in my opinion - good HoHs deserve the very best we can give them!
I so enjoy reading your comments.
I share everything I read with my HoH - food for thought!

best wishes
Jack's Jill

i wish i could get one i have thought about getting a good spanking but no one to do it

There is a forum at :
You can write what area you live in and see if you can find a partner who believes in domestic discipline.

good luck

thanks i will give it a go

Good luck!
Having a good, fair and dominant husband is heaven!!

Sorry you are needing a reminder. But it is good you both are aware of your need. Good luck!

It takes a lot of work and discipline to learn to be submissive.
I'm so thankful for the discipline my HoH gives me.

Yes it does. And thank you for sharing :-)