My Learning To Be Good Girl 2

Sorry for the delay, been doing me a bit of **** worshiping over the holidays! God do I love ****.

So I told you how Unca gave me a good strapping and had me suck his ****. Well when Ma and Daddy got back Unca told em about me wanting to learn about being a good girl.. Unca and Daddy had some words but mama pointed out she was my age when she started ******* so best not to have me running around ******* whoever. Daddy calmed himself down and mama came to talk to me.. She told me about her growin up and boys and stuff.

Then mama took me out to the barn where Daddy and Unca were waiting. I was shaking a bit cuz Daddy got a look in his eye, but I can see him and Unca are stiff in their pants. Daddy let's me have 20 strong ones, they really hurt, but I know I'm gonna get to be a good girl so I'm feeling all sexy and wanting to get to the **** part of being good.

Unca stacked some bales and put a blanket over em. Mama tells Daddy he gotta be first cuz Unca is too big. So daddy strips down and mama bring him over. He's a big man but not Unca big. Mama stayed beside me teaching me little things about which parts on a **** are more sensitive and how to push my chin forward to make my throat open. After I get Daddy's juices and hear him saying Good Girl I feel so full of love.

Then mama brings me over to the bales and Daddy slowly opened me. I heard other girls talk about their first and how much you love that man and his ****, but I love my daddy to peices, so to have him be first in me was over the moon.

Daddy was so sweet and mama's giving me kisses. Daddy telling me I'm his good girl and I'm hugging him and crying I feel just so full of love.

After, Unca pushes into me. Boy I am lucky daddy opened me cuz even Unca being gentle was really stretching me. Took a while fore he can get it all into me. I feel this shaking in my legs and wow, just wow. I know I'm gonna be a good girl as much as I can now.

Next morning, mama takes me over to Doc's house to put me on the pill. Doc's the next farm over and he's got him a office there. He's a real people doc, but he helps ut with animals as well. He's got him a working farm like ours, but more of a gentleman farmer. He's got him a farm boss and some workers.

Doc likes hunting so he's got a nice kennel of dogs he raises and some nice horses and a small herd.

Well, mama's telling him I need to be on the pill and Doc puts me up on the table with the stirrups to check me. Then after he feels around with his fingers, he tells mama he's gonna need to give me a full deep pelvic exam and pulls out his ****. Turns out he's an Unca sized guy. He gives me a good ******. Mama's gotta cover my mouth cuz I'm moanin something feirce. All I know is I hope there are regular exams at Doc's.

Then he tells her I'm ok and gives me a package of pills and tells me I just come back each month to get more.

Then he asked mama if she's needing an exam and she can only nod. I learned she and Doc been ******* for years. Doc gives her a good hard ******. He gets really rough with her and mama's tellin him to give it to her and finally he fills her right up with his juice. Doc made me lick her clean which was real sexy for me and definitely not the last time I'm gonna do that. Doc tells me I'm a good girl.

Then Doc's nurse shows up and Doc tells her to make an appointment for two weeks so he can check my progress. I don't think we ever pay Doc, at least not with money.

So that's a bit more on how I got started learning to be a good girl. Maybe I can tell you more soon. Winter's here are a bit slower, but folks get hurt quite a bit in the cold.
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i bet u got a story bout Docs kennel n horses too lol =)

I'm lovin' your stories, you're a great story teller

Youre so hot! I love you had a good daddy. Mine was a cold fish, well still is and totally disapproving of my lifestyle. I can't wait to hear more.
Nothing like a good old kinky doctor. we have a few in our circle. One of them is always saying, "And now for your deep pelvic" He's a big one too. but great in the sack.

i have found *good girls get better with age* to be quite correct.. and they improve as they increase that factor

i'd love to find out if you're still a good girl.. wow

Good girls just get better with age.

this finally worked... and yes they do,,, and keep on getting better

i love your stories babe. you make my **** so hard i just have to stroke it

Well thank you darling, but you need to find a nurse and let a professional take care of those things!

well you could certainly be my nurse anytime hon