Part of this experience for me has been the adoption of clear rules that help me know what is expected out of me on a day to day basis. We have busy lives that prevent me from being completely submissive so we have struck a balance that allows her control that won't take away from my obligations outside of the house. What that leaves us with is limited play during the week with intense weekend sessions to make up for what she missed during the week. Below are the foundation rules that are part of our first contract.

The following rules will always be observed:

1. No ******* without express permission and/or instruction from your wife. No manipulation of you genitals for pleasure without express permission and / or instruction from your wife.

2. Your wife has complete discretion to choose undergarments on a daily basis currently the list of undergarments to choose from are: panties, boxer-briefs, and boxers. If no selection has been made it can be assumed that undergarments are a free choice.

3. You will make yourself available to fetch your wife drinks whenever you are together day or night.

4. You will see to it that your wife's gym bag is packed on Sunday night with a sports bra, socks, workout pants and an acceptable workout shirt. You will also take out dirty clothes and repack whenever your wife brings it home for the week.

5. You will see to it that your wife's laundry is done on a weekly basis.

6. The weekend begins Friday at what time your wife determines when you are to get up and lasts until you go to sleep Sunday night.

7. Weekend play is negotiated as to what is acceptable and a list of chores or special assignments is made prior to Friday.

8. You are to sleep naked at all times and to remove your clothes when ever your wife requests it.

9. Failure to follow any of the agreed upon rules will result in punishment of varying degrees.
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Sounds as though you've got everything sorted and to a degree that suits you both. Hope you enjoy your weekends.

Sounds good to me.

You are so fortunate

That is so great - only wish is that I could find my dream girl to be totally a submissive to her