A All Too Permenant Solution to a Temporary Problem.

Suicide is a leading killer of combat Vets. I have lost 6 friends and acquaintances in the last 10 years to self determination. Several instances, were justified. Sorry but "I BELIEVE WE HAVE A RIGHT TO OPT OUT UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES."Sorry bout the caps, terrible typist. LoL 

Not for broken fingernails, broken hearts or the like and under no circumstances while under the influence of any legal or other drugs. Nor if you know you aren't mentally doing well at the time.

If you are going to opt out then you definitely owe it to yourself to let the pros have a go at you and determine if you are depressed or in need of psych help.

Don't you have to be crazy to want to commit suicide. Yup, ya do!

However it is also true that we have the right to opt out not because we want to but because we cant stand the pain etc anymore. We have a right to a given amount of dignity and quality of life.

Please don't in any way interpret this as a suicide advocacy, it is not. If there is a remote chance you can live a life with any quality to it then you should do what ya have to do to live. Living is much harder than dying, no doubt about it!

I won't go into the whys and wherefores on why I did it, I was wrong and it was a learning experiance. . I will say that resuscitation in a E.R. , Bright lights , the deafening sounds of chaos. The dry mouth, heart pounding panic and disorientation were terrifying and then finally the realization that even here I had failed was an ordeal that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Well maybe "one" person, "You know who you are! hahahaha"

If you are having suicidal thoughts, there are plenty of professional folks out there who will help you. Suicide Hot-line is a 24/7 service any operator can hook you up.

Do call, You have no idea what changes may take place in your life that you might miss out on. In my case, a son who wouldn't have been born. A decade of love would have been lost! I would never have flown, held a grandchild, much less three.

Give yourself a break. Spare your loved ones.!

I probably didn't do as good a job on this as I would have liked. But if only one person has second thoughts then the mutilation I commit upon the English language is justified , in my mind anyhow.

If you are in pain and want to discuss this please contact a professional and I will welcome contact from anyone as well.

Oh, for all you procrastinators out there who are always putting things off til next week, Well this is where you shine!

Laughter is the wine of life! Have a sip or two. . . .  .


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i dont believe i have any psychological problems,, i just recognize that all of my problems come from within myself, and that in all likelihood i will never overcome them :(<br />
<br />
<br />
i dont have any friends, certainly dont have a girlfriend and never have. i know my family would be sad and theyd miss me, but i cant stand the thought of continuing on in my ****** life, for 60 more years, just because ending it will upset them.

dear who ever u are i am on the verge of trying for the 4 time now i need help and i have tried everything what do i do<br />

I'm so glad I shine at something! This is a great article.