Horribly Inept At Chess.

For a few years, a buddy of mine and I would get together every Wednesday to listen to the Grateful Dead (Dead Air with David Gans) and play chess.  Two or three games a night, and you would think I would get better with all the practice.  He would be patronizing (or supportive?) and say that I was a good player that challenged him, but I don't think he was that great, really.  When we stopped hanging out, I think our all-time record was something like my 3 wins to his 60+. I suck at chess and don't plan on playing it again.

johnnybliss johnnybliss
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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

I know what you mean---I also suck at chess. Senior lasy from Canada, I play chess on the net. I have a game on my Vista. Those checkmates get me every time.<br />
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