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I am now 20 and I have yet to have any female friends even though I hear from allot of girls I chat with that "im so charming, good looking, compassionate and all that good stuff". People can say "oh be confident and they will be all over you" while that is true it won't work all the time. Even if you’re the most confident guy around without being arrogant or cocky and brimming with happiness without it being too much; girls will still reject you. I know its weird but sometimes that is the opposite of what attracts them, but the second you change to suit that they look at you like your weird. This is while talking to new girls that have not met you yet.

Now im not trying to get into any girls pants by being friends; I have matured over that concept. But I really just would love to have some female friends that I can hang with. It’s getting tiresome hanging with all guys that only want to talk about sex or something monotonous. Id think I would be a nice guy to be friends with; I mean keep myself clean and well dressed but nothing to over the top. Im polite to a fault im no fraiser crane I can be impolite if necessary. Im also muscular and look good shirtless but all these good qualities seem to be my bane to a successful friendship.

i just seem the evade the interest of any girl i see or talk to. if i ever got a date id show how romantic i am. although girls in todys age seem to detest my type. it seems i just cannot get it right.
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i get that alot too.. the "u should be more confident!" remark.. it's hard to be confident when u dnt know how to. worse, when u try to be confident and it just feel wrong. it sucks really.. I say, be who u are, yeah i know.. might sound stupid but be true to who u are, get to know a person real good before u show who u really are ofcourse. if they can't handle u, their lost right? :)

Don't be discouraged, your worrying about getting laid and finding a woman, just sit back and relax I promise god has one for you and c'mon you know you have what girls like just chill. "Girls" want a "bad" boy because there young and dumb. Women want somebody to be their other half, to be able to lean on there man when their weak and are able to trust them. Keep that in mind and don't stress about looking for a girl, there's a ton out there just focus on making money and getting your own place and becoming the man you want to be

I'm sorry, but
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dont sell your self ,short maybe you are picking the wrong kind of young lady...the things you like doing ...what ever it may be ,,maybe you should try there ..the cafe ,the parks or where every your spend your free time...nice guys are great.....nice handsome guys priceless.......

this story is old but still semi-relevant, i am just frustrated with American women.

stop dating american ladies then....... im amercian,i dont date amercian men.....go where they like nice and polite...

its really hard to explain to most people really, jerks ruin it for decent guys. its much more than that but i wont get into that.

Stop assuming things you don't know about a girl based on her opinion of one game. That'd go a long damn way.

well the reason most girls gamers get such a bad rep is that they insult games they don't get or understand but have a decent sized group of people who enjoy the "boringness"

CoD has a pretty massive following. Justin Bieber does. Twilight does. Large followings do not make something good, or respectable, or unique. They just make it popular.

wow, after reading your stories and reading the comments below, i no longer feel offended by the comments you made about me. no wonder why you hate your life. i really do hope you burn in Hell....wait, i dont have to hope that because you will.

Stop being rude and learn how to be nice without totally gushing over the person. Actually it is OK to gush over the person if you really love each other, but that belongs in a later stage of the relationship.

I have a thought that you may consider useful. This occurred to me in high school speech & debate. And, no, it's not picture other people in their undies (which never made sense to me). But we've all seen the poor nervous person that has to stand-up in front of a group of people and say something. Wouldn't you agree that it's almost painful to watch someone fumble about in embarrassment? And do you find yourself silently cheering for them to get it together, and do well?

The truth is, most people watching the speaker actually empathize, are much less judgmental, and hope for the speaker to overcome the shyness. If she's standing there listening to you, chances are she's thinking much the same way. Girls don't give just any guy a moment of their attention. If we did, we'd never make it down the street.

Hope this helps.

perhaps its due to the fact that you're so rude and full of yourself - i dont think anyone likes that type :)

well i don't want to be a pushover and feel good about myself.. i have had a problem with that my whole life. i tried being the nice and sweet guy that got me nothing it got me ignored and left behing for guys like you say i am now. i don't know how to act because i never had a real friend even when i was nice people just ignored and walked all over me

erm i dont think being rude (esp to strangers on EP) is going to help u feel good about yourself either. one should be sensitive to the emotions of people here since theyre not your average tom **** or harry - we're all heightened beings in one way or another. anyways still good luck making friends.

well i just don't want them to have the bad experinces i have had.

Wow, that was hypocritical.

"Don't be arrogant"
"Everyone on EP is a heightened being"


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