I don't know why, but dating and I don't seem to get along. I've been thinking about getting back in the dating scene, but based on my past experiences in finding a date, I know it'll be terrible and I don't think that I'm ready The gay dating scene just seems really difficult. In the past I've tried dating apps my friends suggested and those are IMMENSELY depressing because almost NO ONE answers. I'm also in an area where there aren't many places around to mingle and a majority of the people here aren't really the type I'd want to mingle with because they're generally seeking something not serious or some one-night stand. There are fortunately some people that I have had the fortune of talking to and have good conversation with, but eventually that stopped for some unknown reason. And the only people that do seem to put in the effort of talking to me on the apps that were suggested are men that are noticeably older than myself. It's flattering, but I'm looking for people around my age range, but it's significantly tedious when a good number of those in my area and in my age range aren't likable, have too high of standards, and/or don't know what they want.
jamie1292 jamie1292
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2014