I've been playing the game for like 2 months now. I was expecting to get good at it like c'mon practicing.

I still play like a noob. I mean level 10 and still perfecting intro mode. I end up first blood on beginner. And i don't dare myself to go on intermediate unless i got beginner mode down. I know the tactics in the game like yeah,

Hug a tower, don't face a champ one on one, get behind the minions etc. But I hate being a feeder. I am against bots for chris'sake.

I blame the I'm not a gamer thing. I am not. But I enjoy playing the game. I'm just worried why I'm not improving.

I also think it's my lack of understanding of the terminologies used in the game. That's why I have trouble.

Well, anyway I'm not here to ask for tips or attention. I just want to see if I'm not alone.
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hehe, I know someone just like that too. I wouldn't think they'd have fun because they just die and hide a lot, but apparently they actually like playing a lot. What kind of tips are you looking for?

To be honest, i know how not to die. But I end up not killing any champs. If I attempt to kill a champ, i die. Hahaha can you help me buddy? XD

lolol, blame lag? I feel ya. Depends on what champ and what lane ya want to play. There's a ton of stuff you could get into, but the basics are, trading (you try to damage them more than they damage you) CSing, and then if you get the chance going for the kill. If you try to skip those two and just go for the kill without waiting for a good chance, then it will almost always go badly x)

Hahaha, after posting this, I just gave it up. I'm never really going to get LOL. I guess gaming is just not my thing. I have to accept that. Though it was fun. but being a feeder just ruined my gameplay, idk. Thanks for the advice though.

haha that's okay. don't rule out all gaming though.. because league is by far the most frustrating. there's stuff out there for everyone :p

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