My Love Life In A Nutshell.

I either meet a great guy... who lives at LEAST 500 miles away, or I meet a guy near me who treats me like I don't exist.  Well, I've really only been in two relationships where the guy lives near me and able to see me in person.  My first boyfriend was a lot better compatible with me than the one I have now, but at the end of the day, they still both treated me similar.  My ex was never attached to me, he never loved me.  My current boyfriend could care less if he ever sees me again... That is how I feel, at least.  I mean, he'll call and ask me to come over and I do come over just so he can neglect me for weapons and TV.  And his ******* water bong.  Seriously, he spends more time holding and caressing that thing than he ever thought about with me.  Why ask me over is this is how you treat me??

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Never put up with that behavior. Drop him or he will think you like these dull dates. Find a guy who likes going out. for fresh air & having a good time. Try different personalities in guys. It may be fun :>)

He asked me to be his girlfriend! He really acted like he likedd me in the beginning.

Why don't you just dump these guys? How do you even get into a relationship with guys that don't like you? It seems pretty simple to me. If you meet a guy and he doesn't like you, move on. How do things progress to the point that you're in a relationship when he never liked you in the first place? Was he pretending to like you to begin with?