I Cant Talk

i cant talk to people i dont know, so that makes it very hard to make new friends. it doesnt help that ive moved schools a bit, so each time i found it more and more difficult. the only way i can make friends is through another person, like if one of friends new someone else, then i would be able to talk to them a little easier in which case i would find it easier to make friends with them, however when im on my own, i cant do it at all and id rather just go into the background and act like im not there.
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2007

a lot of the people I have been "friends" with in the past, I would only feel comfortable hanging out with if we were all in a group. One-on-one was just awkward, making it seem like I was only friends with people through others (except for a few over the years). It's hard for me to go from being friends with someone through someone else or in a group, and being able to hang out with them on my own and feel comfortable around them, have things to talk about, etc..<br />
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I can definitely relate to Laura's comment about seeing people for years without saying anything...it's so sad whenever I have to leave somewhere because I realize that I hardly even got to know anyone, yet I had been there all along, as much as the people who actually did form meaningful relationships or at least just got to know eachother, and I had nothing with them.

Ditto. I know exactly how you feel. Well not exactly exactly, but I do know. At least I had the luxury of staying in the same place, but at the same time. I've seen the same people for years and haven't said a word the whole time.