I Majorly Suck At Socializing

I always feel really akward around just about anybody. Except my mother and my two year old. ugh how sad lol. I worry about everything when Im around people. For example the way I look the way I am acting. I just always have the worry. My worries definateley doesn't help when I'm around others.  I just freak out. If Im in a store i have to immediateley leave. If I am talking to someone I freak out that im saying the wrong thing and Ive never been good at ending conversations. Lateley its been harder than ever.
thanx for listening, I would love comments %)
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I am the exact same way. In highschool I was better at being social becuase I was forced to everyday, but I really had to work on it. Now that im living on my own and out of school it seems like the only people I can actually talk to is my boyfriend and mom. When I try to conversate with old friends it just seems awkward.

lol thats the way I am but about the store thing I got better lol I now go in the store but ask my mom for the keys so I can leave to the car when I start to feel uncomfortable its small but its still a step I used to never go inside

I moved around a lot growing up, so was forced to deal with new situations every few years, which made socializing difficult at best. But the older I got, I found that socializing is like any skill - it takes focus and practice. I think you have to be willing to try (and it sounds like you are). Everyone puts their foot in their mouth from time to time. It's all about learning during the journey and not giving up. Since you are comfortable around your two year old, maybe being around other mothers would help you to take a step in a positive direction. I have a four year old nephew and simply taking him to the playground helps to strike up conversations with people I probably never would have talked to otherwise.

My wife suggested that you look into a group called "Toastmasters" <br />
They specialize in helping people with problems such as yours.<br />
<br />
I have a son who is an Alcoholics Autonomous leader in the Phoenix area. <br />
I think that a similar group should be formed to help women and men with your problem.<br />
It would be a place without blame or shame where you could meet others with the same problem and get the positive feedback needed to overcome the difficulties of social awkwardness. I myself was 27 when I kissed my first unrelated female!<br />
<br />
I would compare some of your experiences to Post Traumatic Stress<br />
Disorder (PTSD) that the military is being confronted with.<br />
The tip off to me is where you mentioned that you would <br />
freeze in a store and have to leave, which is exactly <br />
the same thing that happens to soldiers returning from War in<br />
Afghanistan and Iraq when something <br />
triggers an automatic response in their brain. <br />
President Obama has funded research efforts in this field. <br />
Maybe funding can be extended to domestic cases such as yours.<br />
<br />
I am working on a book treating Brain challenges and the solving of these challenges without pills. I have been diagnosed with Parkinson Disease for the last 9 years, but I still do not shake. I am using what is called "Brain Plasticity" to retrain my own brain to Thrive, not just Survive.<br />
<br />
Unfortunately a case such as yours could be used by scum that frequent the Internet as a scam.<br />
If you are real, be sure to have a medically provable paper trail on hand for verification.

be more active in 'listening' - asking questions about what the other person is saying (not interrupting tho)<br />
think of the other person as a book 'read' them - what are they saying? what are they telling you? why are they telling you? what are they making you think of?<br />
what are you comfortable discussing? what are you not comfortable?<br />
EVERYBODY is uncomfortable in new situations, some just hide it better by focusing on you and making you the ob<x>ject-turn the table-ask them a thousand questions, either they'll get sick of your nosiness and leave you alone (smile) or they'll be in love with someone so interersted in them.