Head Inside Balloon

Hi all, yesterday afternoon I had a few hours on my own - so got the electric inflator and my 96 inch clear balloon.  I part inflated the balloon, and then put my head inside (which is how I remained for about 10 minutes).  It was a great feeling.  Cant wait for the next time I am alone - as I will inflate the balloon larger, and then once again put my head inside it, and then get the rest of me inside as well (which I think will be a really awesome thing).  I know its the a normal thing to do, but once I saw this on television and the internet I knew I just had to have a go at it.

I also have 36 and 72 inch balloons as well - and I just love blowing/inflating them, and then sitting, bouncing and laying on top of them.

I also want to be alone for long enough that I can inflate all the balloons  - 36 inch (32), 72 inch (2), and 96 inch, so that I completely fill my bedroom with them!!!

Thank you reading my experience - hope to read some replies to this.

Take care, have a great day.
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May 6, 2012