I'm Going to Suck My Brain Out

hi, this is my first time writing and even viewing this site.

3 years ago I had my four front teeth capped and it seems like since that time

I have started a constant habit of pressing my toungue against the back of them and sucking hard, it causes little cuts on my toungue, and is always sensitive,

and hurts , I do this from the time I wake until the time I finally drift off to sleep, my dentist insist that it is not my teeth that is causing this, but more of a mental tic I have picked up on. I have seen two hypnotist for this obsession, and it worked,

but only for a week and then I was right back at it. at least 10-15 times a minute I

tell myself to stop, but it only last 15 seconds. I'm at my wits ends, and it really affects my quality of life.  I feel like it will eventually drive me crazy. has anyone else have a similar condition? any suggestions?



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5 Responses Feb 5, 2008

Have your dentist make a nite guard on your upper arch, and wear it until you lose the habit. You are welcome.

or it doesn't even have to be a nite guard. your dentist could use the clear vinyl suck down to make a thin covering of the front teeth from the palatal side to prevent your tongue from sucking through the spaces btwn the teeth. the vinyl will not last but you won't need it more than a month.

Would amphetamine salts used for ADD cause this. I did not do this before I started taking this med for ADD

Man I knew other people did this too! Took forever to find you guys!

I've been doing this sucking crap for so long, since high school (26 now). It's annoying as hell and I'm sure people notice... I've had friends mimic it in front of me...

It bothers me.

What are the symptoms?

I can't stop sucking and chewing my teeth, either. Just started a few months ago and is uncontrollable. I had a root canal two weeks ago and then a new crown on the tooth but that didn't solve the problem. The only thing that stops me is wearing a mouthguard 24/7 which, of course leaves me with no social life. I am so self-conscious and have started to stay away from people because the sucking and teeth chewing makes my mouth look distorted and I'm sure they notice.<br />
Last summer I had a three-tooth bridge and four crowns put in my mouth. Don't know if that's the cause but I went for almost a year with no reaction to them - - no chewing or sucking. Wondering if it could be a delayed reaction.<br />
Cany anybody give me some advice? It's ruining my life. I'm moving to another state in two weeks and don't know how I'll cope with the affliction there. This is the most depressing thing I've ever experienced.

wonder how you made out since this post. I suffered obsession with a cap for almost a year, feeling it constantly with my tongue. First dentist "reshaped it 2x with no relief. Finally I got another dentist to remove that cap and make a new one. It is a much better cap and feels "right" to my tongue. It has been 2 weeks and I probe it less but have not stopped 100% and I also suck it the way you described. <br />
<br />
If for no otehr reason, I hope you are relieved that you are not alone. I hope my tongue will ignore this tooth soon.<br />
<br />
I'm interested in learning what happened with yours.