It's a Bad Habit

 I don't make any sounds, but I'm constantly running my tongue behind my front teeth. When I'm really stressed out I will suck on them really hard and sometimes I feel like they are going to fall out.  I need to stop! 

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I also do this sort of thing and clench my teeth together plus pushing forward on my front teeth with my tongue. I'm sure that it is anxiety related and worry that these behaviours are causing permanent damage. Please advise on how to relax or stop these habits.

Tarditive Dyskenisa (may not be spelled right) causes a person to suck teeth or move tongue, etc. It is caused by some psych medications, anxiety medication, and some sleep medication.

Google "tongue thrust". I've started this habit too, sucking my teeth/gums...and it was driving me crazy, gums starting to hurt, headaches. I stumbled upon info online about proper positioning of the tongue couple days ago and since I've been concentrating on keeping my tongue "up" the habit has calmed. There's also a website with great knowledge/have therapists for this, it's There's also vids on youtube. Best of luck everyone.

My doctor prescribed valium to relax my tongue. Mine was caused by medication, which I stopped taking. Can be permanent. Tardative Dyskinesa (spelling could be wrong).

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Does anyone here take a lot of ibuprofen?

I don't understand why I have this habit of sucking my teeth. There are some people who only suck their teeth after eating food but with me it's something that I do constantly. I experience pleasure when I engage in this habit for some reason. I've been doing this since I was a teen and now I'm in my early 30's.

its nerve related, i only get it when i cant sleep good and just hidden stress,,,i hate it,,,i wish there was a cure, i tried some meds but its still there, i was told im ADD so i might try those meds and see if it helps, any advice on ADD meds???

I don't know I might be ADD as well or maybe OCD because I cant seem to stop this habit. It's like I get these urges that I have to suck my teeth, do you experience the same urges prior to sucking your teeth? Like a feeling before you actually engage in this habit. I've taken Zoloft before but when I had taken it the Zoloft began to give me dry mouth which is a common side effect from taking it and it seemed like I had the urges to suck my teeth even more because the dry mouth made me feel like I had some kind of film stuck on the front of my teeth so my teeth sucking habit had became even worse on top of the urges to do so, just basically almost nonstop.

Zoloft could have the side effect of causing Tarditive Dyskenisa (spelling could be wrong). I developed it from a psych med. I got off the medication, but it can be permanent. Valium helps relax the tongue.

Thank you for letting me know that. I truly appreciate it. :-)

My granddaughter takes ADD medication and it helps her a lot!

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Sometimes biting a popsicle stick between your teeth keeps you from sucking your teeth. ???

Lately, I've been sucking the back of my lower front teeth... the only time I seem to not do this is when I am out for a long walk or sleeping! You might want to try taking some long walks every day? Might help to relax you a bit.

My problem I think started when I had some major dental work done (2 implants and a new bridge); but actually I don't remember doing it until I got a new partial on the bottom. I asked my dentist about it but he said just don't do it. Easy for him to say. Also, I am having trouble with my tongue being irritated and I wondered it if was connected

The same thing has recently happened to me and I'm driving my husband nuts with it. How do I stop?

I have this same issue. It's always been related to stress or deep concentration. I've always likened it to compulsive foot tapping which I also do. For those asking about a cure, there is no "Cure" per say. The best ways to deal with it are to work on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , or CBT with a professional therapist. This type of therapy can help with all sorts of compulsive behaviors. Some people have success with hypnotherapy as well (hypnotherapy is NOT hypnosis by the way, so don't think about some guy dangling a watch in front of and putting you to sleep, it's not the same).

Anything Yet? I just found this and am in the same boat!

My guess is that this has something to do with obsessive compulsive disorder (which I suffer from, along with mild manic depression). Two weeks ago I started using a toothpick very aggressively. I think I did this because I'd forgotten to take dental floss along on vacation. The sensation due to the over-stimulation of my gums was addictive. I had to keep overstimulating them, because the loss of extreme sensation after using the toothpick was unbearable. It's now been weeks and I can't stop over-flossing or sucking at my teeth and gums. I agree that the gum chewing helps, but mostly I think it's got to boil down to will power. The gums are addicted to over-stimulation, and if you can get them back to a normal, unstimulated state, my guess is that the urge to suck will go away. I have an invisalign to wear at night, and that can help me keep off the gums while I sleep. I agree that this is a surprisingly pervasive problem, and I'm actually curious why there isn't more medical literature available as to the specifics of this issue.

Same problem, and it just started recently after I had dental work done. Need to stop and can't seem to!!!

Hi to everyone, I have been sucking my teeth since I was 13 years old, I am now 44, I thought I was a freak, as I know nobody who shares the same habit, due to the amount of time sucking my teeth, I've had to have 3 crowned, I have now move on to my upper back teeth, as there is a nice hole in it, only thing, it can cause bad breath. You have mentioned chewing gum, that will also do damage as it can damage the alignment of your jaw. Good luck

I am a teeth sucker and as I read this blog, I thought I was the only one person that dealt with this. For me it started about a month ago, but stopped after about two week of teeth/tongue sucking. My episodes are uncontrollable, painful but yet pleasurable at the same time. The inside gum-line of my lower teeth were very sore and not to mention the tip of my tongue since it was causes that vacuum effect. As some mentioned above, the only things that helped me to get a break from doing it was/is to chew gum and eat. I have also noticed that I don't do this teeth sucking during physical exercise, I guess because my mind is on a mission and I'm chewing gum at the same time. Maybe I should go see a Psychiatrist.

I suck my teeth, too. But its kind of reversed for me. I put my tongue to the back of my top front teeth and kind of blow. I can feel the space in between my teeth, which I know its not noticeable when I look in the mirror, but i know the spaces are there. It's gotten to the point where I do it so often that my gums will bleed. Maybe the dentist could help. I only do it when I'm bored or stressed. I dont even know how or when I started it and now I'm doing it regularly, and almost subconsciously.

i do the same thing...try putting a straw in your of those small ones that come in alcoholic drinks...suck/chew on it....<br />
it at least stops you from suckking on your teeth (i do it when i'm working...concentrating hard and working out....horrible habit, wish i could stop.


Well. I have found out I am not alone, at least that is some comfort. I join the group of teeth sucking and jaw clenching. I know its mental. But dont know how to stop, especially since it mostly occurs at night. Now my front 4 teeth hurt 24/7. :(((((((

WOW, i thought i was alone! But very sad for you too!! I am so obsessed with this when I'm at the computer..but never do it when I'm working out, in the shower, eating, walking, but if I'm sitting or just standing still..then I do it automatically ..grrrr.

WOW, i thought i was alone! But very sad for you too!! I am so obsessed with this when I'm at the computer..but never do it when I'm working out, in the shower, eating, walking, but if I'm sitting or just standing still..then I do it automatically ..grrrr.

You're not alone, apencilfornow! When I get stressed (which has been happening quite a lot lately), I suck the back of my front teeth and clench my jaws until they--my jaws--ache. So far, I have not found a solution... other than taking some kind of anxiety drug (like Xanax). Isn't stress fun? NOT!

I been sucking the back of my lower teeth for many many years now, and it is like never-ending habit I cannot kick off. I also gleek ( squirt clear saliva from the back of my tongue) quite a lot when I am sucking on my teeth. I want to stop but it is really hard. I feel like I am impacting my lower front teeth negatively. I do it intensely when I am kind of nervous or anxious.

has anyone found a cure as of today?????10/06/2011 it is about to drive me crazy. the only way out is to constantly chew sugarless gum. it starts all over as soon as i stop chewing gum. help is needed for us all. i have had major illnesses and surgery. nothing is like this sucking!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, me too! But I really do need to stop because I know it can't be good for my teeth.

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That scared the crap out of me at first! Ah poot!

Holy Crap.... Tell me you are kidding!

Are you serious?