The Irony

I'm a summer camp counselor. So, I have a 9 year old girl in my group that sucks her thumb. I don't make fun of her or let the other kids tease her for it because I still suck my thumb (just not openly like she does). Well today, the director caught her thumbsucking and told her to stop or he'd put hot sauce on her thumb. The girl didn't stop and the director said, "If you don't stop soon, you'll be Miss Rae's (me) age and still sucking your thumb. It kinda made me wonder if he knew that I suck my thumb. 

I don't see a problem with sucking my thumb, other than the fact that most people view it as a childish habit. Which makes my biggest concern getting caught. It never fails though, everytime I spend the night with a girl my thumb slips into my mouth. And usually the girl will say something about it. Normally, something like "aw, are you sucking your thumb?" or " you're cute with your thumb in your mouth." But every once and a while, a girl will tease me for it or tell me I'm too old to suck my thumb and try to pry it out of my mouth. I think that's the worst, because I'm already insecure about it and being insecure is one of the underlying reasons I suck my thumb.
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It's free, legal, nonintrusive, convenient, effective...what more can one say? Go to and find out that even some famous people know this "dark" secret. It's better than smoking, overeating, pills and gambling...where's the beef?

Sucking your thumb is fine I do it and so do many other people. There is no need to worry.