I Know It's Crazy, But I Do.

It's not a sensual thing at all. Y'know how most kids suck their thumb when they are little, well I guess I never stopped. I am 17, and got my braces off about six months ago. I have a retainer now, and seem to be fine whether I wear it or not. I guess having braces for so long was a good thing. It is a calming and comforting thing that you would not understand unless you did it, and imagine how hard it is to go to sleepovers or have a friend for an overnight! I have creative things I do, and usually, by morning my thumb is not in my mouth anymore. When I lay down in bed, it;s an automatic thing . . . it just happens, and I can't sleep otherwise. No one knows . . . my mom would kill me, her parents are both orthodontists. My parents spent so much on trying to fix my teeth that I don't want to screw them up, but there's no way I could ever stop sucking my thumb. Don't laugh. Don't judge me. You'd never know if you met me. I wish someone had the same problem as I do, and could tell me it's not a big deal, because sometimes I feel ashamed that I can't sleep without my habit.
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I love sucking my thumb its like the only thing i live for im 23 and dont care who knows it

I've accepted it and just go with the flow sometime i'll have to stop

i actually gotthat after reading through it a few times lol you guys go ahead i'll catch up later......but i doubt it :)

no hahaha i said we need to stop,like all of us who still do it lol

We need to stop?! did she say that??? because there is no we it's you! do you want to quit or does she want you to quit because it sounds like she doe. i have absolutely no desire to at all

I just posted a comment about the same exact problem, i feel ya hunny, because my mom is so emberassed and always tells me she better not be spending all this money on my braces if im gonna ruin it by suckin gmy thumb. im 15, we need to stop!! i just don't know how..it makes me honestly wanna cry because it's not fair,i wish i stopped years ago!<br />
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write back!

we all have flaws

I too suck my thumb. I had braces but the dentist said it wasnt b/c I suck my thumb. <br />
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I don't care what others think about me sucking my thumb b/c I kno every one does something to comfort them.

i had problems to when i went to sleepovers at my friends house xD<br />
but i stoped sucking my thum =) <br />
is like an adiction that you can stop i really regret sucking my thum and i should listin to my mom when i was 4 now im 15 and finally i stoped but somtimes when im asleep i suck my thum!! i hate it! i wish that i never suck it IM ruin now i have to use braces how embaressing =(<br />
how did u felt when u used ur braces?

I can't see anyone on this site judging you for something like this :) Or at least, I certainly don't. As far as things that people do to go to sleep, sucking your thumb is a pretty benign one!

Naw, you're so sweet :) Hehe, your parents should've raised you in Sweden... No charge for youngsters to get their teeth fixed :P My braces keeps me from biting my nails... ;)