I Suck My Thumb

I am 21 years old and I still suck my thumb….


I actually stopped when I was 4 years old. I think I just kinda grew out of it. But when my dad died in ’99 I started back again. It wasn’t a big deal in my family b/c almost everyone sucked their thumb when they were little. My father and I were really close and when he passed I guess I resorted back to my over comfort friend.


I don’t hide my thumb sucking. All of my friends know I suck my thumb. They all say I am too old and try and stop me. They always try crazy things to get me to stop but nothing work. One of my guy friends for example rubbed the bottom of his shoe and smeared it all over my thumb (I only suck my left thumb). I was so upset we got in a fight (of course he didn’t care cause I didn’t suck it for 3 or 4 days).

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3 Responses Feb 8, 2009

I am 53 years old and just discovered that I really love sucking my thumb. I find it very comforting !

Hello. I suck my thumb, too. Almost all of my family know, but only 3-4 of my friends do. I am 18 and I still suck my thumb. I love it Soooo much. My bf knows and doesn't care. Heck, he still does it. Just don't listen to the other people. You're you. An one of a kind package.

Have you ever both tried sucking each other's thumbs? It's VERY intimate.

You should never feel that you have to change anything for anyone else. If sucking your thumb brings you comfort, then do it all you want. Forget about what society thinks of it. I do it too when I sleep. You aren't the only one.