My Neighbor

 Yes I suck my neighbor off on a regular basis. I would say probably 5 to 6 times a month. Have been for about the last year. I am 52 year old widower and he and his wife are in their late 40's. I am self employed and work from my home office, so I am there most of the time. His wife works from 9 to 5 and works 45 minutes from home, but also works late quite often. He works from 6 to 2:30 and sometimes gets home earlier than that.

I am friends with both them. I hang out with them from time to time. I go over and hang on their deck and have drinks, cook out and things like that. I have had them over to my place for the same. He and I also go to the same fitness center. So I have seen him naked several times. He well built. Not a body builder type but muscular. Pretty well hung. Blond hair and barely any pubic hair. I had sucked a couple guys when I was younger, but got married and never even considered sucking the whole time I was married. I was happily married until she died 5 years ago. So seeing him naked didn't even make me think of it. Back in the day when I sucked those guys, I was not into getting sucked. It did not turn me on to have a guy sucking me, but it did turn me on to suck them. May sound weird but I would always have a hard time getting hard for them to suck me. I loved getting sucked by a woman though.

This all started about a year ago. His wife was out of town going through some kind of training for her job. It was mid June last year. She had left Sunday morning and that afternoon I was out sitting on my deck browsing the net on my laptop and having a few beers. He was out back and yelled over and asked if I wanted to have a few beers. I said sure come on over. After several beers, we somehow got on the subject of ****. He mentioned that he just bought a DVD. I told him to go get it and lets check it out. He goes and gets it then we go inside my house and thrown it on. We're sitting there watching it and it was a good one. Had us both turned on. There was one scene where it was a MFM *********. And in that scene the guys sucked each other. Actually the female was sucking and the guy joined her. Then the guys traded places and did the same thing. It was towards the end. I can't remember exactly what he said about it but I do remember it leading me to believe he would take a BJ from another guy. I had never even thought about sucking another guy since my younger days until that moment. But, I just wasn't sure and I surely wasn't going to say anything in case I was wrong. We went out on the deck and had a few more beers and then he left. But he forgot to get his DVD.

I watched it again that night. It got me thinking about it. I was thinking about what he said. I watched it again on Monday. Then Tuesday came and I seen him outside on his deck. I asked if he wanted to come over and cook out and have some beers and he said sure. I was thinking I would have us watch that DVD again and see if he would say something that would open the door. We cooked out, ate, and was having some beer when I reminded him he left his DVD. I said lets go watch it again and he agreed. The MFM scene came up again. I was getting nervous thinking about saying something if he didn't. But he helped me out. After that scene he said wow that scene is awesome. I said you think so? He said yeah. He said if my wife was into that, I would do that. He said but, I wouldn't want to suck him. He said I am open minded and if my wife would suck me with another guy I would go for it. I said wow. He laughed and said now don't think I am into guys. I'm just saying I would do that. I seen the opportunity so I just said, what would you say if I said I would do that. He looked over stunned and said wow. But my wife would never go for it. Of course when I said that I was just meaning he and I. So I had to clarify. I said well what I mean is what if I said I would do that... just you and I? He asked if I was serious and I said yes. He quickly said yeah I would do that. But I would not do that to you. So I told him about my younger days and told him how I was not turned on by guys giving me BJ's. He said well okay. Lets do it.

I have always been one of those who like to have a shower before oral sex. I was that way my entire marriage. So I told him that and he said he would go home and have a shower. I said well why do that? Just hop in mine. He said well that makes sense. So we went upstairs and he got in my shower. I may be making this sound easy but it was a little awkward. I could tell he was feeling the same way, but we were just both going for it.

I was sitting on my bed when he got out of the shower. I could see into the bathroom and could see he was half hard when drying off. He left the towel in the bathroom and came in there naked. I said well, this is a sight I have seen before at the gym and laughed. He laughed too. He asked have you ever thought of this before? I answered no. It was still kinda awkward. He took a deep breath and asked, well, where do we start? I just said come here. I was sitting on the edge of the bed and he walked up and stood in front of me and then pushed his hips forward and put his **** right in my face. I just grabbed it and took it in. He was hard in just a few seconds. I got right into it and so did he. After a bit I told him to get on the bed. He put some pillows against the headboard and laid down half sitting up. I knelt beside the bed and went back to sucking. He said he loved watching while getting a BJ so I made sure nothing got in his view of me sucking him. He didn't last but 5 minutes and he came in my mouth. He kept saying over and over how good that was.

We went back outside and had some beers and talked about it. I told him I would be willing to do that on a regular basis. he said that would be awesome. That was all about a year ago. At first I would suck him about once a month. Then it got more and more frequent. We got more and more comfortable with it. Now I suck him 5 or 6 times a month. Sometimes he will not have the opportunity for over a week, but then other times he can come over a couple times a week. Every time his wife goes to the store, or goes shopping he will call and see what I am doing. If I say nothing he is comfortable enough at this point to say okay, do you want to suck me? I never turn him down. He now calls me his favorite **** sucker. We have no hangups about it. He likes telling me how much he likes me sucking his ****, and like wise I like telling him how much I like sucking his ****. One thing he like to say while I am sucking him is, Dang man, I think I know someone who really like my ****. And I always answer, I sure do. And I think I know someone who really like me sucking his ****.

So far this has been a great deal. No complaints. He has asked if I will always be his **** sucker. I said.... why not?
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great story

I have to say I wouldn't mind a neighborly relationship like this

I'm fortunate to be in the same situation with my next door neighbor. We have lived here since the development of the neighborhood so you establish some long term friendships. Wasn’t until 2 years ago I that give him a *******. We would get together when the wives were away and for one of us to be at the other’s place was not unusual. When you are that close together there more opportunities yet one still needs to be cautious.

sounds like a good neigher to have

I really liked reading this story. It sounds more real to life than a lot of stories I read here. I think you're both lucky. and should keep it up :)

We are. ;) Still meet up regularly.

Hot! I have only sucked a **** once in my entire life, when I was about 21. I still think I might like to try it again. But like you, I cannot get aroused by a man sucking me. I am only into women here, and can only get aroused by a female playing with my junk. Still, I would not turn down the opportunity to suck off a nice thick clean one again , should the opportunity ever arise..

Nothing wrong with that. I am into women too. All I am interested in guys is sucking ****. No interest at all in a relationship, kissing, hugging and all that crap. And, no way am I interested in anal sex with guys. I'll have anal sex with a woman, but a hairy guy? No thanks. lol

WOW...that's really great. I don't hear you complaining about the taste or if he's too rough with you or any of that. You are the ideal **********/friend and I know I would let you kneel for me...especially when I'm horny...LOL. Good work, keep draining that prostate.

Well, if we clicked I would kneel for you. I have a few guys I suck at the moment. I'm not into sucking any guy that comes along. I have met several guys who I just said, no thanks dude.

That is awesome hot! Like you, I would never be interested in having a guy suck me off, but I am sure I would enjoy sucking a nice clean cut hard one! I have only tried it once, when I was 21, but frequently think it would be fun ti try again, In fact I think about it almost constantly and would love to meet a guy who would just like to have me suck him off. Lucky you!

Oh I wish I could find this same arrangement! I too am a **** sucker but don't like guys sucking me, I can't get erect or turned on by it, but oh sucking **** is one of my favourite things! Thanks for your horny story, had me rock hard!

Fantastic arrangement. Check out my story, I think you'll like it too.

you are really a lucky guy i really wish i could do the same thing as you i am envious

Wish I had a neighbor like that!

You are two very lucky guys, one who likes to suck, the other likes to be sucked and you get a regular thing going on a happy basis. congratulations!

you are a very lucky man wish i could find someone like your friend i would love it

I wish I could find a guy with a nice **** to suckoff. I have never sucked one before but I have tasted other guys **** on my wife and I know I would like it. No kissing or hugging just sucking and having my mouth filled with ***.

I never get sucked. It's not that I don't like it, for I have a history of it. But these days it just seems to intrude and waste so much time. I just want to get on with the sucking and not have to hang around waiting for someone else to suck me. I'm always the one on my knees, gob open.<br />
<br />
Lil ol' ********** me.

That's exactly right. We get hooked, lol<br />
<br />
I have had a few tell me on here that they don't get it that I only like women giving me BJ's.<br />
<br />
I don't know what to tell them. I like giving oral sex to both women and men. Other than that, I like all other sex with women.

I am like that also i would perfer to suck one then have mine sucked by a guy. We get hooked on it

Go for it iluv.<br />
<br />
It's actually going on more than you might think.<br />
<br />
There are a lot of guys, I mean a lot of guys who let guys suck them off, but don't return the favor.

I think it's finally time to let a guy suck me. Yum.