Circle Of Friends

Well it all started when we were young kids at school, and we had this game where we were 5 guys sitting in a circle and ********** and *** into a glass, the last guy to *** has to drink the glass.
I have been curious about *** for a while so I paced myself to be sure I get to drink it, firstly I looked dissapointed (just for show
) but I loved every drop of it, a whole cup full!
The next time we played the game, I said to the guys don't worry, I want to drink it regardless, so we did our business and I drank it again, but it was not enough. We met for the same game a couple of days later and before we started I said, How about I drink it straight from the source?
so they formed a circle around me and I took a **** in my mouth and one in each hand, alternating them until I sucked each one of them dry. The story of our game grew as each of the guys told a friemd about our game, and before I knew it I was sucking off half the neighbourhood. It continued like this until we finished highschool.
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What I would've given for that to have been my highschool experience! Lucky guy. Regardless, thanks for the hard on.

that story made my **** jump to life.i now try to be pivot man every chance i get.

Half your luck!

Nice way to start and finding out what you like. I bet you have had all types and sizes and many hot loads.

Lucky boy!

Lucky boy!

Ahhh, the neighborhood "go to" guy. I enjoyed that role in many ways and many times. Such fun.