Day At Olmos Park

i used to go to a nice park to find a guy to get a blow job from i would watch other guys hook up then give each other head till they were satisfied.if i couldn't find a guy to give me a blow job i would jack off.i did this for at least a morning i was given oral sex and had ***.i liked this guy and ask if i could return the favor he said yes and i gave my first blow job. my new friend did a little coaching but i made him ***. i then realized i enjoyed having a nice penis in my mouth.after this day i began to be a **** sucker now i want to give oral sex all the time.
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Wish I had the opportunity to do it more myself. Have yet to let a guy come in my mouth, and I want to try it someday. My wife says I'll love it if/when I finally do. Says it feels "so hot to realize the guy has stopped moving and you feel his balls tighten and his **** get even stiffer... and then... BAM! This big jet of *** just shoots into your mouth and it is so ******* hot... then another gob splats against your tongue... and another... and another... and you taste it and chew it and then swallow it and it will make you come yourself just from doing it. It's great." Hope to find out one of these days. Can't wait....

I so hate our societies around the world for condemning homosexuality and bisexuality to such an extent that it takes many of us so many decades to finally discover who we really are, what feels natural for us, and what makes us happy. I'm still struggling with my own psyche to fully come out to myself that I love sex with other men.

I agree with your post I enjoy sex with guys it makes me happy

I prefer to Give Oral than Recieve so I Love sucking guys ***** too, & Always Swallow!!

Glad we Share the Same Likes!! I like giving Oral better than Recieving ( But Getting it is Great too!)--How old were you & your Friend When you gave him Head?
When was your First time recieving? ( Love to hear First Time Oral Stories!!

I was about 33 years old then I do really like giving head to guys now still enjoy receiving also but it was not my first time to receive at that time. after about 4 or 5 months I began to give 2 or 3 blow jobs an outing sometimes I would *** while giving one this is how much I was into giving a guy head

Ive sucked **** for the last 2 years and Im addicted to it

Well my **** is available if i can have yours?

Ah the taste of **** skin and then *** is divine.

It is a pity you only found out you like nice meat so late . you could have enjoyed so much earlier and made so many happy guys

yes i know and i know i would have enjoyed it so much i just love to feel a guy in my mouth

what is that you really like to feel? is the hard head or the milk in the end?

the hardness and the feeling of a **** when its going to ***

Me too!!

thanks you made me so hard

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how sweet it is to be what we be