In My Mouth

It turns me on, big time, when a guy suddenly realizes I want him *** in my mouth! There's a surge of excitement I can feel in his **** that sometimes pushes him right over the edge, and his **** starts to throb in my mouth as the pressure keeps building and building until finally blasting load after load down my throat. And I love to keep nursing his **** long after he's done while it softens, so we can rest quietly together with him still in my mouth and his *** deep inside me.
NekudG NekudG
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I have thought about it but just can't find someone to connect with. I am married and don't want to loose my wife. I think I would really like to suck somebody off while they return the favor.

Theres no feeling like that of a hard **** in my mouth,just the anticipation when the head of the **** starts to change texture and get really hot in my mouth,I usually stop moving and just take the head in my mouth so I can feel the throbbing and pulsations the **** makes as its dumping the hot come in my mouth.
I love to suck *****

I\'m with you entirely on how it feels to have a hard **** throbbing in your mouth - and that sense of achievement when you\'re aware that it\'s begun to spurt out its hot, creamy man-juice into you.
I do, however, have one wish. I wish that ALL guys would give some verbal indication of their moment of being about to ***, when there\'s no going back. Even a particular grunt will do it, but a \"******\' JESUS! HERE IT COMES!\" is even better. One needs to prepare the position of the mouth, and especially the tongue, to be ready to receive the \'gift\' of his *****, rather than have it shoot out in a surprise. Some guys don\'t say anything at all, and it just arrives. To me that\'s not fair.

I usually tell the guy to let me know when hes gonna come
Another good thing I found that turns a man on is to tell him\"I wanna suck your ****\" I do that after I pick them up from the urinals in public bathrooms and they go in my toilet stall and unzip

Yes, I ask him to tell me too - except when I forget and my mouth is already full! But I find some guys get a sadistic pleasure in surprising you with their initial spurt, and deliberately avoid giving the slightest indication that they\'re about to ***. Then there are those guys who (it usually happens on a Fri or Sat night when they\'ve had a few pints) will let you suck them - and then, without warning start ******* in your mouth, as a means to humiliate you. I\'m sure you\'ve met them yourself. Maybe a subject for another story from somebody - or me?

well written and I love that also.

Do you like to wear a butt plug when you suck ?