I Have Sucked Two Guys

I have sucked **** twice in my life and liked it. Well, I should say two different guys. One of which I sucked several times, and the other just once. I consider myself hetero, but there is no denying that I am bi. It's kind of weird though. Even though I have done it before, and it has been many years ago, and would do it again if the opportunity fell in my lap, so to speak, I would more than likely do it again. I have no regrets of sucking **** when I did, at all. None. But, what is weird is that I haven't done it for years, have not sought out to get with a guy, nor even think about it much. I seldom even think about it the experiences I have had. But as I said, 5-minutes from now, if I were in the right situation, I would suck a guy off. But it would have to be the right situation.

I am married and have been for 20-years. I love women. Always have and always will. I love giving women oral. I love sucking and licking *****, and playing with their nipples while doing so. I love hearing them moan with pleasure and grinding the hips and making them ***. It just doesn't get any better than that. But until I sucked a ****, I never thought I would feel the same about that. Before I sucked a ****, I always wondered what it would be like. And wondered if I ever would.

About 15-years ago, I worked for a contractor that did a lot of out of town work. I traveled quite a bit. In the industry I worked in, there was a lot of 3rd shift work. Working all night and sleeping all day. On one of my out of town trips is where I met the guy that I first sucked off. This was a fairly good sized project and had a crew of 4 guys to help me. When we got close to finishing the job, I sent my crew home and was going to put the finishing touches on the job by myself. Also, when the jobs would get to the finishing touches, we could usually switch to day shift. We worked the last night shift on a Friday night. My guys got back to their rooms and went to sleep and were going to take off for home Saturday night. But, I stayed up all day and was going to sleep Saturday night so I could get myself switched to the day shift. My crew woke up about 6:00 and told me they were outta there. I told them thanks for all the hard work and told them to have a safe trip home.

We usually worked 12-hour days from 6:00 to 6:00. And every day for about the last week we were there, I noticed this guy out by the pool. I had to walk by the pool to get to my truck. But, don't get me wrong. I didn't notice him as in, eww ahh, just the fact that I seen him every time we left to go to work. So, It was Sunday afternoon, I had woke up fairly early and was bored. I looked out the window and seen a lot of people at the pool. So I decided to grab a few beers and head out to the pool. Well, guess who was there as well?  Yes that guy was there. And guess who I struck up a conversation with? At that time though, I was not thinking anything about him in that way. I had no idea that several hours from that moment, I would be sucking him off.

We drank beer and talked and laughed for a few hours. Then we went to the hotel bar and grill and had something to eat. He was a cool guy. We had a great time. After eating we went back to the pool and drank some more. When it got close to time for the pool to close, everyone else was gone, and he asked if I was wanting to continue to drink or call it a night. I said well, I could have a few more beers. He said he had more beer in his room and said we could go there. I said no problem. He said hell, we have a **** channel too. I laughed and thought to myself, well, we have been talking guy stuff all day. Sports, work, women, guns, what have you. Might as well throw some **** in there too. That's guy stuff. Right? So we went back to his room. Actually, I went to my room first and changed into dry shorts. I went to his room and knocked, and he answered and let me in. He had not changed yet. So I sat down on a sofa there and started to watch TV. He walked over to the other side of the bed and got into his suitcase and pulled out some shorts. He just took off his wet shorts right there. He was standing there naked facing me. But wasn't looking at me. I looked over at him, and at that moment it hit me. I thought to myself, wow, I wonder if anything could happen here. As I said earlier, I always wondered what it would be like. So, naturally I got butterflies, but decided to go along and see what happens.

We watched some sports for a while then he said well, how about some ****? I said sure, go for it. So he switched to the pay per view channel. We picked what we wanted to watch and and got it going. I have no idea what movie it was, but it was pretty hot. I know it got me hard. I got me horny too. I was sitting on the sofa, and he was on the bed. I could tell he was hard as well. We made comments on the movie every now and then and was saying how good the movie was. As time went by, I kept getting braver and braver and thought to myself, if I feel like I can bring it up, I will. The timing and the situation was perfect. I had drank several beers and was feeling no pain, we were watching a hot **** movie, and here was a good looking cool guy that I had just seen naked a short time before. Along came a blow job scene. And this chick was really sucking this guy good. We were both going eww ahh. Then it happened. He looked over at me and said, dude, I would take one of them from just about anyone right now. I laughed and said I know what you mean. I suddenly got nervous, but I just let it out and said, what about taking one from me? He looked over at me surprised. But it wasn't a offended surprised look. I was a little relieved at that. He said, are you serious? I said I think so. He looked back at the TV as if he was pondering the idea, then looked back and said, if you're serious, then I'll go for that. I said yeah, I was serious. He said wow, okay man. But, there is one thing, I am not going to return the favor. He said, I know that may seem selfish and ******, but I am not interested in that part. So, if you are still interested, that's okay. I just want to be up front and honest with you. I said, okay, that's cool. He said and if you want some relief, it won't bother me any if you sit right there and relieve yourself. The way he said it was cool. I mean, one might think that was selfish and ****** of him, but he was real cool and honest. So, it didn't change my mind. I was still willing. So I said, okay man, I am still interested if you are. He said yes, then started to get up. He looked at me and grinned and said, you sure?. I laughed and said yeah man, I am. So he got up, dropped his shorts and came over and sat on the sofa.

The sofa wasn't real big. You could sit three people on it. I was at one end and he sat at the other end with a gap between us. He had one arm on the arm rest, and the other laying up on the back of the sofa. He was rock hard. After a few seconds of looking at his ****, I sat my beer down and reached over and grabbed it and started stroking. He had been hard for a while from watching the ****, and had pre-*** dripping from his ****. I stopped stroking a couple times and would take my thumb and rub it around the head of his **** and smear the pre-***. He liked that and was moaning a little and moving his hips around. At that point, I was no longer nervous. I was getting into it. So I slid off the sofa and knelt in front of him and took his **** in my mouth. He immediately said, oh yes. I tell ya, that was very erotic. As I said earlier, I love giving women oral and love hearing them moan and their comments, and hearing him say oh yes was just the same. It was very hot. I was hard as a rock, and so was he. I started taking as much as I could, then slowly pulling back and letting my lips graze over the head of his **** slowly until it was all the way out. He would say oh yeah, man that feels good. All that did was make me hotter and go at it even better. I kept doing that, and then mix in a little speed, then slow back down. Then I would put my fist around his **** right in front of my mouth and take him as deep as I could. I know I like that when my wife does it. He groaned loud with pleasure. Then he slid down a little more where he was almost laying down and spread his legs wide open. He had very little pubic hair, and virtually no hair on his balls. I am not a big fan of pubic hair. I then started licking his balls, and sucking one into my mouth. Then lick from his balls up his **** and back down. I stopped for a minute and started stroking him and said, hey man, when we started talking earlier today at the pool, did you have any idea that several hours later, I would be sucking your ****? He busted out laughing and said no man, I had no idea. How about you? I said no, I had no idea this would happen. We both laughed hard and he said, well, I am damn glad you are because this is some good ****.

I went back to sucking him and a short time later he asked if I was going to let him *** in my mouth. I pulled back and said yes. He moaned oh god. Another thing I was doing was every now and then I would stop and milk the pre-*** out of his **** then lick it off. He really liked that. He asked me if it tasted good and I said yes it did. And it really did. I liked it. I can't describe the taste, but a tiny bit salty, but very good. I couldn't get enough. Then he grabbed my head and held it still and started pumping his **** into my mouth. Man that was real hot. He was moaning like crazy and slowly ******* my mouth. I had my forehead resting on his stomach, and just let him go at it. It was the perfect angle for him to thrust right into my mouth. He stopped after a couple minutes and said oh man, I don't want to *** yet. So, I went back to licking his balls and up and down the shaft like I was before. Probably for a good 5-minutes or so. Then took him back in and was slowly taking him as deep as I could, then pull off slowly. He finally said I'm going to ***, and grabbed my head and held it again. I put my forehead back on his stomach and he started pumping my mouth full of ***. Man he was moaning and groaning loudly. I took all of it and swallowed. I have to say it tasted very good. I remember thinking how hot that was to make a man ***. I have been making women *** for years, and now I have given a man enough sexual pleasure to *** in my mouth. Then I came up and looked at him and said, how was that? He said oh my god dude. That was an awesome blow job. Damn man. He was just laying there drained. He finally got up and walked over to the bed and laid down. I said now I have to do something with myself. He chuckled and said go ahead man, I understand. So I sat there and jacked off. I came in about 2-minutes. He said, feel better? I said yep, now I do. He got me a towel and brought it over and gave it to me. I cleaned up the mess and put my shorts back on.

He said, damn dude, that was a great blow job. Thanks man. I said no problem. He asked how often I do that and I told him that was my first time. He looked over at me and said no ******* way. There is no way that was your first blow job. I said yes it is. He was stunned. He said, my god, I would have thought you have been sucking **** your whole life. That is amazing dude. He asked why was I interested in doing that in the first place. I just told him I always wondered what it would be like and this seemed to be a good opportunity to find out. He said wow, that's cool. I'm glad you did. We both started laughing. He asked how much longer I was going to be around and I told him I would probably be around all week. He said he was too, and said dude, if you want to do that again, all you have to do is say so. I have no problem. I said, actually, I think I might want to because I really liked it. He said good, I'm glad. I said okay man, I'll be around all week in the evenings and I'll definitely look you up. He said do that. So we got to talking about other things and it started getting late and I was tired to I told him I was going to go. He said okay, you know where I am and started laughing. I said yep, I do.

I left and went back to my room. I was laying there and thinking about the whole thing, and got so turned on again, that I jacked off again.

The next day when I got back to my room from work, I called his room and left a message and asked if he wanted to get a bite to eat and have some beers. What I thought was funny, is we both knew I was asking if he wanted another blow job. He called me back about 20-minutes later and said he had just got in and that yes, some food and beer sounded good. So we went to eat, went out to the pool and drank, then we went back to his room and I sucked him off again. That was Monday. I was there until Saturday, and sucked him off every night that week. Friday night, we were up late and I sucked him off twice that night. I left to drive home Saturday morning. It was one hell of a week.

As I described earlier, I had fun sucking his **** all week, but after that, I don't look at other guys, I don't seek them out, I don't even think about them in that way. As I also admitted earlier, I am bi or else I would not have enjoyed that guy. Also, as I stated, even though I don't look for opportunities, if I was in the same situation again, I would do the same thing again. I am sure of it. I have no problem with the term bi. Because, I am sure that is what I am.

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That was a fabulous hot story. I got so turned on reading about a straight married man submitting to a hot guy and sucking his **** and swallowing his ***. Loved it!!!

I started sucking **** young, after I was married to my nympho maniac wife the supply of **** was endless love swallowing a reload I could and still do. My wife passed away in February of 08. I'm looking for a another female to move in with me with her capacity as sex. She could also possibly inherit my rental property if we get along real well.

wow. really hot story.

It is something that I have enjoyed before but also something I dont go out looking for. I had a bi experience with the same guy over about 6 or 7 years. It was my best bud and we were at his house contemplating going bar hopping talking about our successes and failures of picking up chicks from recent experiences. HE told me he hoped this would be a lucky night cause he was horny. I told him yea me too. IT was then I asked him if he ever had thought about what it would be like to have sex with another guy and he said that he had thought about it. Then it quickly lead to I will suck you off if you do me. Soon we were undressed and he was on his knees. I found the experience odd at first I mean this was a guy and it felt a bit forbidden but that intensified the experience and I felt myself ******* in his mouth. I then returned the favor. It was exciting when he climaxed but for both of us it took a few times till both of us got use to and actually started to enjoy eating each others ***. I enjoyed the times he pulled slightly out of my mouth and I saw his *** shooting in my mouth, also it was exciting watching him *** and licking the *** off of him. This was years ago and it is something I would like to do again but it would have to be right time, right place etc.

my god that's a hot story.. and i agree with jsluvr,, labels are b.s.,, i've received spectacular head jobs from married dudes.. i just really love a head job.. the better.. the better

Why do we feel that we must label ourselves? Why do so many men fear being able to enjoy sex with either gender? Sex was meant for all to enjoy, regardless of gender. I like the term trysexual. I'll try anything once and very often if I enjoyed it the first time. I've enjoyed numerous sex acts with both men or women and had a blast when it involved bothe genders. As the commercial states, "Try it you'll like it!"

Terrific story! Too bad more guys can't enjoy themselves that way, what with so many guys who love sucking **** and so many who love getting sucked!

Great story! Wish I found someone at the pool like you when i travel!

That was an awesome story. Had me strokin.

Damn! Very hot story...had me stroking the whole time