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my first oral experience was during boy scout summer camp when i was 15.  my tentmate, also 15 and i were talking the first night about what most 15 yr olods talk about - sex.  as we compared experiences and brags, i began to get turned on.  we moved toward the topic of ******* off and oral sex.  i had been ************ for some time, but had never given or received any oral attention.   ont of the blue, my tentmate asked if he could suck me - i guess he was horny himself and was either gay or curious.  after a moment, i moved out of my cot and over to his - i guess i was not only curious, bur really horny enough to give it a try.  i was wearing briefs, and my $$$$ had grown pretty stiff. 

He reached out and felt me, (it was dark, so although we could see a bit, we couldn't see any detail)  He drew in his breath, and began running his fingers over my brief covered ****.   this only made me more turn on and he could sense it.  he sat up on hs cot and drew down my briefs.  standing there, i could feel his mouth open and begin to slip my ^^&% into his mouth.   wow - it felt sooooo good!   i stood there for several minutes, enjoyig this newfound pleasure.  he pulled off and told me i could c&& in his mouth if i wanted.   a few more thrusts of his mouth up and down me, i unloaded and fed him.

when we finished he asked me if i would go down on him.  i hadn't really thought about doing it on a guy, but i figured i should, since he had given me an ******.  i knelt and began to feel his (**(* in his briefs, and he responded by becomming good and hard.  i pulled the briefs down and began licking and running my lips over his ^$$$.   i took a mental deep breath, and opened my mouth and slipped it in.  i was so surprised how it felt,  and how i enjoyed feeling him in my mouth.  after a few starts and stops and after getting my mouth and his &^^& wet, i began a steady rhythm, going up and down on him.  i ran my fingers over his two %#$$ just as he had done to me, knowing it felt great.   his hips slowly rocked and then he stiffened, and i knew he was going to c^$$# in my mouth.   i let him, and the feeling of his s&%# in my mouth, warm, thick, and salty, hooked me.  i decided that this was pretty good, both giving and getting.

every night for the next two weeks, we pleasured each other with our hands and mouths.

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I have a friend. His **** is so fat, thick and big. I wish I can suck him. I asked him several times using Whatsapp but he don't allow and he said I'm gay. Can anyone help me? I wish I can suck his fat ****, it is a pleasure. P/S: We never involve in any activity and we only meet each other in school.

*shudder*with*pleasure* your story makes me HORNY

This story is so HOT!

I loved reading this! very erotic and very real. Those first times are so great and leave such an impression!!

You are so right. I loved the first experiences. Itdid leave an impression that I love. I am very happy I had the opportunity to experience this at an early age. I loved each and every time.

that is nicce the first time i suck was when i was 11 with my friend we were just playing around an took it out an stroking it an one thing lead to anohter an i suck him off

Fabulous....I started sucking **** when I was 6. I enjoyed it from the first second I did was church camp I enjoyed...older boys and group leaders....had a wonderful week each summer...

Wow... 6? I started at 11 and I have always thought that was pretty young. Glad you enjoyed it though :)

Great story! I also started sucking when I was in boy scouts. There were about 6 of us gathered in a tent one night looking at a **** magazine. Soon everyone's penis came out and we were rubbing and stroking. I was barely 12 at the time. One guy said he liked to suck and promptly went down on the guy beside him.
Then he asked if i would like to try it. I did and while it was a little awkward at first, I enjoyed it. That was the first time. I couldn't wait until the next time and so on. Soon I was sucking 4-5 guys a night and swallowing it all. Some would do the same with me, but that was not a requirement for me. I just love giving oral pleasure to them. Most were average, one of huge, almost too big for my mouth. I did that for a couple of years and then they got turned on to girls and thought that what we did was queer.
Eventually, I ended up with a hispanic guy that had a killer body. We would end up doing it night and day. My first experience with a woman was not until I was 19. I am definitely bi

thanks for the comment - sounds like you enjoyed your time in the scouts as much as i did.

great story. Love the early times :)

I got my first blow job at Scout camp

Sound fantastic.
I had some similar experiences at scout camp.

Fantastic story.

Love the story...thanks for sharing

I would have gladly spent hours n hours practicing for that merit badge!!! It would have to be like martial arts belts with several levels. I am a fifth degree **** sucker with ball tickling and swallowing stripes!!!

nice, sounds like u enjoy the sport too. It provides a great sense of enjoyment for both the giver and receiver

Very well said...!!!

Sounds alot more fun than knot tying

I was 11 when i started to suck **** . he was 15 and i loved it , by the time i was 13 i had sucked off most of the good looking boys in my hood betweene 12 and 18 so i was perty bissy to say the least .<br />
at 15 i started to give up my boy ***** , and have been sexulaly more a girl then a male my whole life .

if that happened today the 15yo would go to jail (sad)

Very hot....

greaat story .... it is sooo nice for young men to do this for each other ( :