Im 18 And Suck A Dummy.

when i was younger i had a dummy, i always had it in my mouth, but then my mum took it of me when i reached the age of about 9, i didnt sleep for so long it was a comfort thing, it helped me when my dad left. then when i was about 13 i started to go of the rails badley and started to self harm, and smoke and drink alot, then i rememberd that when i had my dummy i forgot about all bad things, and i have it now and im 18, only to help me sleep and when i get urges to self harm, but it helps me alot. wonderd if theres any other people out there that have one?
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I know this is old, but I thought I'd tell you my story. <br />
I was a drummyhead when I was a baby and a bottle one too. I always always had my dummy in my mouth and my bottle in my head. But when I got to about the age of 3 my mum had had enough and throw them away. I as a child didn't understand why and was totally heart broken. I struggled from then on to do a lot of normal and everyday things like eating, drinking and sleeping. Up until I was about 13 when a friend of mine as a joke brought a four pack on drummies and baby bottle, giving one of each to me. Anyways that night I put milk in my bottle and mŷ drummy in my mouth and things got better for me for a while, but then i got with an ex partner and she was totally against people over 2 having these things, so in fear of finding out I used them I throw them away, after that I fell in to a huge depressive state, trying to kill myself and cutting myself. I was totally rubing mŷ life. But then we broke up, and I went and got them back and things started to go ok again, but the. Another partner came along and this time he moved in with me. So again out of fear I got rid off my dummy and mŷ bottle, and again my self harm and suicides got worse until one time I was pretty much on my death bed. But things again didn't work out betteeen me and my boyfriend so we split. By then I was 17, so thought a dummy and bottle was stupid. But I didn't sleep, I didn't eat and I made my self so ill. But I pushed past it hoping I'd just get over my need for my dummy and bottle. But things just got worse for me. I now use a dummy and bottle again. Learning that it was best to tell my new boyfriend my troubles from the start. He was so understanding. But because l tried to force myself to give up I now suffer from smajor depression and anxiety. My dummy helps me sleep, but that's about it. <br />
I know that by now you might have stopped using it, but hopefully this will help other people who are in a similar situation. <br />
The moral here is that you should never force yourself to give up something that makes you feel safe. Because the mental impact it will have on you, will be worse then if you just kept to it. One day you might realise you dont need it anymore, but if it's just something to help you sleep or keep you clam. Then keep on using it as long as you need. <br />
I hope this helps either you, someone else or patents worried thier child isn't normal because they still feel the need for their dummy. :)

Good for you babylouboo. Stay with what is safe and comforting for you. Dealing with a parent that left you is tough. You might want to try other regressive comfort habits for fun and relaxation. It's all about coping strategies that get you through the day.<br />
frilly up :)

i grew up learning to appreciate my mom's constant encouragement to always enjoy sucking on a pacifier and carrying a filled baby bottle everywhere we went, since everyone would be seeing that i was needing to be diapered 24/7 "like a baby" anyways.<br />
<br />
so, when i was almost 19 and my mom passed away. i relied a lot on my pacifiers and baby bottles, to keep me from going into depression and doing harm to myself with drinking or drugs. instead, i finally taught myself how to change my own diapers, pick my own pretty dresses, and uninhibited by everyone wondering why i had a pacifier in my mouth or carrying a filled baby bottle. <br />
<br />
likewise, my wife has found the many benefits from allowing our two teenage kids to continue enjoying still being in diapers and their "baby things", like taking their pacifiers and baby bottles whenever they want. according to what some of our friends and neighbors have told us. they regretfully wish, that they would have done the same for their teenage kids. rather than be dealing with their problem teenage kids, who are into drugs, drinking, and having open sex with other problem teens.<br />
<br />
so, like babykcr said. sucking on a pacifier or baby bottle, or in the case of our kids, wearing diapers. is legal and definitely much better than all those other things that today's teens are getting into trouble with.<br />
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anyways, i just thought you would like to hear from someone else who feels the sameway as you do.<br />
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Sucking on a pacifier is legal and definitely better than drinking or smoking. I suck on a pacifier quite a bit and it is really comforting.

HI babylouboo!<br />
I am also dummy & feeder lover since long.I used lot of different binkies & feeder bottle.Now I cannot sleep without nipple in my mouth.Its good for you not to go for any self harm.use dummy always, it looks good, cute on face.less talk.Drink milk daily in feeder bottle give you health.I think no shame, no shy for to use all these.People have no dare to use it that is why they become jealous when see others who use it. keep it up. send me your pics of dummy & feeder.