++++ Sucking My Baby Bottle ++++

I don’t think that I’m a ”real” adult baby as I don’t have the need or want to act and/or dress like a baby. That is, I don’t have the need to wear baby clothing or trying to talk or act like a baby. However, I love diapers (thick cotton pull-ups), rubber panties, baby bottles (with very large nipples) and adult pacifiers. I will often prepare about 8-10 bottles of warm milk (using powdered milk) or just warm water. I’ll put on my diaper and then my rubber panties and lie on my full-bed amber latex rubber sheet. On the nightstand, I’ll set up 8-10 bottles of warm milk/water. With the lights turned down very low, I’ll suck my large adult pacifier, and drink each bottle of milk. As time progresses, I’ll finally get that incredible urge to wet my diaper – Oh yeah …. I feel the warmth of my pee filling my diaper. This will occur about 5 times in one hour. When I’m finished (with no leaks), I’ll go to the shower and take off my rubber panties and diaper; the diaper goes into the washing machine and I hand wash my rubber panties. This process often ends with ************, as it seems to be very sexually stimulating; don’t know if it’s the sucking that causes my excitement or? I have often though that sucking off a guy would be fun, or being sucked off while sucking on my bottle would be great. Also, I’ve thought that having a lactating woman would be fun, as I could suck her warm breast’s and get the real thing Who knows?
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4 Responses May 7, 2011

I`m not an AB either,I do however love wearing plastic pants over my cloth pull-on diapers to bed and plastic pants over my undies during the day while I also like an adult pacifier (bought it at Fetware!)

I'm not into AB either but do like to wear a plastic nappy over my rubber sheath pants.

My wife also likes to tie a plastic bib around my neck and feed me from a bottle that has my own *** added to the feed.

I just need a real good sucking

Baby fomula is so very exensive - try dry boxes milk warmed .......... yummy