Me And Our Two Teenage Kids Still Enjoy Sucking On Our Pacifiers And Baby Bottles.

i was almost 19 when my mom passed away. and that's when i had to decide what i could live with, and what i couldn't. and the only thing i learned that i could do without. was going out wearing those short frilly little girl's petticoated style dresses that my mom enjoyed handmaking to fit me, for whenever we went out. so, by the time i turned 20, i finally learned how to change my own diapers and dress myself in "big girl's" clothes, well enough to explore living the rest of my life as a diapered (t)gurl.

among the many decisions i had to make, was if i could go on into my adult life without many of the "baby things" that my mom always encouraged me to enjoy, especially while out and about in public. and throughout my adult life, even after being "married with children" for the last 17 years. i still haven't found anything that can bring me as much "peace and comfort" during a stressfull time. than my pacifier or baby bottles bring me. likewise, our kids have found the same relief, while doing homework, playing games on the computer, or while bored on long trips in the car. which is why we each make sure that our own individual diaper bag is properly stocked, before leaving the house.

and just in case anyone ever asks, or if you have ever wondered. contrary to popular belief, sucking on a pacifier or drinking from a baby bottle has been tested by therapists as form of healthy alternatives towards relieving stress. when compared to smoking, drinking, using drugs, or not doing anything at all. the only thing better, we were told, was sex/************. and we do that too! LOL

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I love my baba but I prefer to suck on my pointer finger I will never stop sucking on it I love it so much especially if I have a feather with me you see I used to have a Scooby Doo pillow case and of got wrecked so I held on to the fabric and I would rub it on my cheek while I sucked my finger my siblings called it a tickle blanket and would take it from me and call me s baby but they too sucked their thumbs I now do the same thing but with the fabric from disposable diapers that are too small to be worn it calms me down and its soothing I'm not really a fun of pacies but when I hurt my hand it will do

well as long as your happy then stick with this...maybe i should do this for stress alice your stories really help...;)

other than enjoying a little sexual relief inside our diapers, sucking on a baba or pacifier is the next best thing. especially while out and about. know what i mean?