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I am 22 and when i was 19 i startrd sleeping with a teddy bear his name wad ted one day i came home and my mom got red of him sead you are to old i could not sleep so she got me a big stuffed doggy said i think this will be better i sleep with him love him i am no longer loney he my new best friend his name is i am 22 going on 23 they all say i am to have.s stugfef frienf when is to old
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Hmmmmm... I'll turn 65 in June and I still sleep with Roadkill Rabbit whenever I sleep in bed (instead of my recliner). I'm a side sleeper and Roadkill snuggles in my arm while I suck still in my mouth and Roadkill still snuggling in my arms.

With that information I guess I can't give you an age that you have to get rid of your stuffed friends. Sixty four isn't too old, and I honestly don't think one hundred four will be too old either. However, if one snuggles hard with his stuffie it may eventually be time to replace an old friend with a new one.

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Jus curiouz jc, do u have CP & wear a diaper?


Time to grow up thn kid & be a MAN

It really is time to GROW UP kid ...sorry €:-}