Why Bother?

I could have all the single women in front of me in the world, but just can't sum up the strength, know-how, or the wit to deeply connect with any of them whatsoever. I don't want some **** from the corner, a hooker, a ********, a girl from some club, or some constantly-pissed off stress case.


Every single person I know seems to have almost no trouble whatsoever finding someone to connect with, or someone to be with for that matter. I've obviously failed myself as a human being, seeing as it's been 8 years, and I'm not even close to finding SO MUCH AS A DATE.

What's wrong with me?
Woosh15 Woosh15
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3 Responses May 27, 2007

Yeah, I've had the same experience except for the I could have all the single women I want part. Girls can't stand to be around me. I've read everything in the world to get better with women and I still suck. <br />
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It's a matter of being hot, rich, and having the "IT" factor. Guru's and teachers will jump all over this ob<x>jection because they know it's true and it will kill book sales like a shotgun kills quail. <br />
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Whatever, they don't want me so I'm going to cry about it until I become numb and hardened because of it. Then it will be over and there will be no need to look back.<br />
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And no, she is not just going to happen along when you least expect it either. After eight years this must be quite apparent or you are hopelessly optimistic, which I highly doubt. (Ha)<br />
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Anyway, good luck, you're going to need it. Your best bet is to reach a point through sheer pain where you no longer need them. All men might be better off if they were forced to not need women for anything. Who knows.

I guess we can all start a big *** party since I seem to have the exact same problem, I have been with all ones you have described and can not find just the right one. From where I sit most of the cute girls here go out with either black men or dumb as a brick white men who don't know how to treat them. Oh well I guess we just need to put ourselves into kennels at petsmart and wait for some cute girl to come adopt us instead of us going out and looking for them.

Same thing that's wrong with me I guess. Come join my party...