Chewing ****

I have no teeth and like to suck ****.When I went to the adult store I went to the movie booths.T hey have holes in the walls.[Glori holes] I went in and sat down with my panties at my knees.My shaved **** was standing tall.A hand came to the hole.I stood up and put my **** in the hole.The person on the other side started to suck on it .It felt good and they played with my balls.I pulled out cause I didn't want to *** yet.He put his **** in the hole and I went to my knees.I took his **** in my mouth and swirled my tong around it.Taking it deeper and started to chew on it with my gums.He pressed against the wall giving me all of it.I love to chew on ****.With no teeth I can really chew hard and not give pain.Most of the time I get there load of *** fast.I suck them dry before I stop.And they always say thanks.When they leave I can here them tell others to go into the both.I wait with my mouth against the hole.They get there **** out right away and stuff my mouth.Some even **** my mouth.I love to suck and swallow.Most of the night I get to suck and chew on ****.I don't get my **** touched the rest of the night. It don't bother me.I just keep on chewing ****.

Berrney Berrney
56-60, M
1 Response Sep 2, 2009

Thanks I try and have fun in life.