My Coming Back To Life

My wife of 4 years had left me in shambles trying to rebiuld my life.
Never thought I would ever be able to move on stuck in a town that was not my home I had moved there for the wife. I was working for a movie theater and was working along side Wendy. She was a Mature 17 year old. We had become buddies, I should point out I was 25. Anyway after a month or 2 we there was a party at the house and there was some drinking not to much just enough to bring the inabitions down. I don't know we ended up in my room but It started with the back massage and the I started massaging her back and then when I got to her butt well I started down the legs By now she had no clothes on( I don't rember how I got her clothes off) . But I do rember taking in the sight of this angel brown curly hair nice beautiful breasts long legs nice round fanny. I don't rember how I got back up to her crotch and me sucking on her **** through her brown trim curls all I know was she was trying to be quiet at the same time telling me not to stop. She came , and then came again, And I enjoyed just pleasuring someone again when I thought I would never get the chance again. This went on through the night when she desided to return the favor and suck me off. That was heaven. around 4 after I had come we fell off to sleep and I woke later that morning in Wendy's arms knowing I would love again thanks to her. Thanks Wendy where ever you are.
drip575 drip575
Nov 29, 2012