He's Now A Ex But Still...

I was going with this one guy for a little while (it was a sucky relationship but it was the closest one i had) and i told the guy i would suck his ****. i stopped doing that after word got around about me doing it to this other guy i was dating in 6th grade but people never let things go. anyway so it was a PTA night and he was there. i was able ro slip away from my grandma and everyone else and go to the science building which was unlocked. I took him in the girls room and pulled it out already ready and just started sucking. i cant deep throat yet, or at lest not for longer then a few seconds, but i know how to move my tongue around. i even took my shirt off and rubbed them on his ****. i was so good i got him on his back pretty much making his eyes roll back but i was buying for time and tried to make quick work of it. he never came though.
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Sounds good!

I'm sure he loved it

its not that you bad at it its actually harder than most people think to make a guy *** from a bj....still sounds like it felt great!