And It Was Wonderful!

I have honestly done this! I met this couple at the local gay bar one Friday night and the woman asked me that. We went back to my apartment at the time and I sucked him twice during the evening while she watched after asking me to do it. Then I ****** her while he watched and that got him hard again. The guy had a wonderful **** and it was pretty good size! It certainly did satisfy this girl! I'm glad she asked!
fayeanneleigh fayeanneleigh
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5 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I would love this experience maybe I should go clubbing later?

very erotic, you go girl

Thanks for posting! Very Hot!

OK its been four days and this has not happened to me yet. I feel very deprived.

Its been too long since I went clubbing! Entertaining a couple is likely safer than things I used to do!