I Would Love To Give It A Try.

I have always been straight and never played any same sex games, but the thought of taking a man's penis into my mouth really turns me on. I'm 55 and a little over weight, and really don't know how to go about giving it a try.
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51-55, M
5 Responses Sep 11, 2012

For a while now I'm been wanting to try it. Found someone who also wanted to try but he backed out. Still I really want to find someone to let me try

Same age...why is it we think about sucking. a ****!??

I passed up many opportunities while in video booths. Eventually I sucked a guy until he was ready to explode, then chickened out and finished him by hand. When he came, it went on my arm and sleeve. I looked at it for a while, wishing I had let him *** in my mouth. Eventually I licked it up and swallowed it all. It was delicious and I wanted more.

Go to a bath house. Theres is always **** waiting for an eager mouth

It's been a few years since I've done this, but given that another guy has the same equipment, and knows what really feels good, they give the best bj's. Swallowing (or not) is another question. If you're concerned about the taste or texture, just make sure it is deep in your mouth when it squirts, and you have hardly any taste at all.

But, isn't that the reason we suck ****, to taste the man's ***? I know it is for me. I love the flavor and hold it in my mouth and slosh it around until it all slips down my throat.