Sexless Marriage

I have been in a sexless marriage for couple years now. I started to notice that other men were looking sexy to me and once I got up the nerve, I acted on this urge. I don't regrets it!. I found men can be very sexual, and have found the intimacy I've been missing. While I can still get turned on by women, I continue to prefer to enjoy the company of men. 
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

I find myself also liking to suck on a older man's penis....they seem hornier and always willing

This is exactly how I feel and totally agree. I found another married guy in same the situation. We too are providing each other what our wives won't do anymore or never did. I just acted on my urges this last year and totally satisfied and comfortable with it. Previously I thought about taking a risk with several female coworkers that turn me on but my preferred **** I was using for ************ was more about hard *****, **** sucking *********** and gay sex was turning me on. The pleasure my buddy and I have together is way safer than all the risks of having a girl friend on the side. Two guys can totally focus on the pleasure we can provide for each other without all the drama associated with keeping a girl friend happy. I am able to keep my family and sanity with my sexless wife.

I read how you used to suck yourself -- that must have made it easier to take the plunge. Look up my story about self sucking.

Was your wife ever much of a **********?

Nope, she refused since marriage and even admitted to doing for a previous boy friend (only to keep him happy not because she liked it). BTW sucking and licking a **** is way better than going down on my wifes smelly ****.