Once And Only Once

about 3 months ago i went out with a few friends to a different town for the night.. it involved us to drive over.. we parked the car up and meet up with a few friends. after the night we walked back and i was left waiting with a gay lad while the others dropped the lads off... so after 20 minutes i walked up and started kissing him, (i was so drunk i kept falling over) so we were kissing and i started to undo his belt and buttons. out popped his little willy, it was kinda funny. i began to **** him off, and then he did the same to me... i fell over and when i was getting back up i was face to face to with his ****. i began to suck him off. he later came in my hand.
i always wanted to know if i was straight or gay cause i used to enjoy looking at gay **** and checking out lads in changing rooms. i have found out im 100% straight
Freeandyoung Freeandyoung
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

You can suck mine too please? :)

I will gladly do that