My First Time Sucking A Penis

I am a 63 mwm and had never sucked a penis until the other day.

I have a friend who is also married and we have gotten together s few times to be nude together and enjoy mutual ************.  Nothing real heavy, just watching some vids, chatting and stroking each other.

He came over the other day and we decided to shoot some pool.  Before we started, he suggested that we make the game more interesting, by playing ***** pool and whenever the opponent pocketed a ball the other had to remove an article of clothing.
After several games we were both nude and our erections showed how much we were enjoying the games.

As I was racking the ballls for the next game, he suggested that the looser of that game had to give the winner a blow job.

I told him that I didn't know if I could as I had never sucked a **** before.  Well he teased me about being chicken and reminded me that he had lost all of his clothes first.

The game was close.  But I still had two balls on the table and he was shooting at the eight ball.  I was getting real nervous by now.  He missed and then I sank both balls and was shooting at the eight ball.  I was so nervous, I missed and sank the cue ball.

He looked at me and had a great big smile.  He walked over, sat on one of the bar stools, spread his legs and said come here.

I walked over and looked at his erection.  He is not real big about 5 inches and cut.  I was thinking how glad I was that he wasn't real big.

Well I decided that I had to pay off my bet.  So I knelt in front of him and tried my best.  I started by kissing the tip of his ****, licking the shaft kissing his balls.  I moved back up the shaft and started to suck the tip and then started taking more of it in my mouth.

I was surprised that I was enjoying this and didn't stop.  I kept sucking him.

He started telling my how much he liked it not to stop.  After a few minutes, he was starting to moan and I could feel his muscles tensing up.

I knew that he was close to ******* and by this time i wanted him to enjoy it as much as possible.  So when he started to ***, I kept sucking him and taking his load, Trying not to loose any., I swallowed all of it.

WOW! What a day.  I not only sucked my first ****, but I also swallowed the load and learned that I enjoyed it. 

We are both looking forward to more games of pool.

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66-70, M
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I love sucking ****

Very nice! I had the same thing happen with a friend. Very hot!


Wow, that is super hot!

It wouldn't take loosing a bet to get me to suck ****!!

I'll be right over. Btw,I'm absolutely no good at pool. Haha

Neither am I

We might both lose,or should I say WIN !!!

Great story.

need to find a friend like that

I do like having to suck **** when I am working as a maid as I see as part of my duty but it is also quite thrilling to be in male mode and with another man who decides that I am going to suck his **** and simply takes control of me and orders me to get on my knees and suck him off. Then it adds to the thrill if when he is finished and after I have out his **** away he just tells me to go and that he will ring me when he wants to use me again. I just say "yes sir, thank you sir" and leave

There sure a lot of us married guys in our 50's and 60s dropping our inhibitions and exploring and discovering the joy of **** sucking and other m2m bisexual play. I have just sucked my first penis to completion this past year and it is awesome!

Agree 100%. Late 50's and have begun exploring m2m and enjoy it. Similar experience this past year. Not easy finding someone similar for a regular time.

Kinda like good whiskey. You want more and more.

well said. It is so awesome

congrats to joing the cocksuckers club. it is so exciting to suck a **** and swallow the ***. mwm here too but love sucking ****

Since you've got "the same equipment", you're naturally going to know what feels good when, um, providing oral assistance to someone else. If you keep it deeper in your mouth when he ****, you can swallow it easier, too.