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First Time Sucking

I went to a masseur who does erotic massage.  did not know exactly what to expect.  wore my sexiest panties. he was not interested in what i wore.  It was a wonderful experience. As soon as i got on the massage table, he removed his shorts. he has a lovely 8 incher and is shaved.  Received my first *******. felt great and sensual.  before i knew hit i had all of tha lovely sweet tool in my mouth and could not get enough of it.  Can't wait for more!!

sweetGigi sweetGigi 61-65, M 11 Responses Mar 27, 2009

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Isn't that the funniest thing how that happens. Welcome to the club. Good for you

Lucky id lovi

very hot

You can suck my ****

Lovely, thanks for sharing :)

You liked a comment of mine so I looked at your profile. Please add me. If you lived close to me, I would give you a nice full body massage and you could suck my hard thick ****.

seems to me I win both ways!! Yum

I live outside Phila. Are you anywhere nearby?

The first is special and always remembered. And most often leads to the second, etc.

WOW good story. I'd like to go to your masseur. Where is it?

Still remember my first wow it was great , went back again and again.

Gigi, my friend Rich has a nice fat 8 inches. If interested.....

does not have to be big. A 4 or 5 er can be a lot of fun.

want to know about yur's

6 + and medium thick