Several In Fact

As many of us guys do i first started playing around with friends whilst at school, it was all really innocent then, we didn't properly know that much, but still had our curio's about sex, not necessarily any sort of gender either. Well thats how it started for me, just playing with our own cks and then venturing on to touching each others. This went on for a while with several of my friends, usually at least three of us. Then one evening I was at one of my friends house, his parents in another room watching TV when he suggested us getting our 'things' out, he assured me his parents wouldnt come in, so we did, after a playful hour I said I had to go home, he suggested we skip school the next day and continue, I agreed, he said his parents would be at work and we would be alone.

The next day we went off to school as normal but we met at the shops and gave time for the coast to clear and went to his, we got our cks out as soon as the door shut, and started wnking ourselves, and then each other, I was so turned on and hard I would have done anything, he then told me he had heard somewhere that adult women  (we were only about 13) put their husbands cks in thier mouths and wnkd them with thier mouth and he wanted to know how it felt, I said ok who would go first he asked if I would, I agreed.

I sat on his couch and he moved toward my mouth with his now very hard ck, I could smell the mustiness, then in it went, and he pushed it in and out whilst I sucked on it and wnked myself, after some time he asked if I wanted my turn, eagerly I said yes please and we changed around, god it felt good.

We didnt come that way, we just wnked until we had both *** that time. that came later.

Those days stayed in my mind for many years, I never plucked the courage up to do it again, although I used to go to glory holes, (see other stories).

I then decided life was too short and started replying to adds and meeting guys, then went from there to enjoying anal sex with guys.

And still do.


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4 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I like to read about other guys who also played with their guy friends when they were younger, like I did. Too bad you only played like.. one time. What made you stop at only one time???

nice story,never had any gay sexual experiences till in my 20s but after reading this iwish i had experiemented when i was younger..

Me too!

Thanks for tha HOT SEXY story it gave me instant WOOD!!!!!!!!!