My First Time

I am a bi-curious man 38, was travelling to Shanghai on business. Found an internet-ad for massage and called the guy. He came to my hotel room a couple of hours later. He was skinny, wore glasses and was maybe in his mid-twenties. I just had a shower. He asked me to undress and lie on the bed. He took off most of his clothes and started to rub me. After a while he touched and massaged my *** and eventually also took his hands down my crack. I found it very arousing and got a hard erection. I lifted my *** a bit and he started to touch my ****. He took off his boxershorts and I could see he was semi-hard. I was at that point really horny and asked if I could suck him. He said yes and I found a condom in my suitcase. He put it on and we ended up in a 69. He was sucking my penis (without condom) and I was sucking his. He also licked my butthole a lot and asked if he could **** me a couple of times. I said no (I have never tried that btw). Eventually I could not keep it any longer and came in strong spurts all over the bed while having his **** in my mouth. He then got up, took a quick shower and left. Nice experience. Want more.

tandoor401 tandoor401
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 16, 2010

Yes once you have had **** you just want more and more.